Hillary Clinton

Our Imperfect Friend

by Frank Zarro, Director of Legislative Initiatives and Civic Learning

I watched the Libertarian town hall on CNN in July and was very impressed with presidential candidate Gary Johnson’s intelligence and candor, and I have long admired his running mate, Bill Weld.  

The Future of Energy: Unleashing the Power of Innovation and Sustainability


Welcome to an exciting new GreenMoney issue featuring five perspectives on the World of Energy Today and Tomorrow:

Are You Ready to Invest in Women?


By Kathleen McQuiggan, Senior Vice President of Global Women's Strategies for Pax World Management LLC and Managing Director of Pax Ellevate Management LLC 

Imagine walking into your first Wall Street job, fresh out of college, ready to take on the world. That was me twenty-five years ago when I boldly entered the world of finance as a sales assistant for two institutional brokers. At the time I knew nothing about investing or client service, but I knew that it was a fantastic opportunity to learn and it was an environment in which I could thrive – so I was all in. 

The Conundrum of Women and Investing

Are Women Better Investors then Men?

By Amy Domini, founder of Domini Social Investments and partner in The Sustainability Group 

As I was working on this article, the old Buffalo Springfield lyrics kept buzzing through my mind. “There's something happening here; what it is ain't exactly clear.” The more I looked at actual research about women as investors, both as investment managers and as persons making decisions about how and where to entrust their savings, a conundrum became apparent. Women are good investors, better than men, but women are not trusted to run portfolios. 

Women and Millennials Drive Growth in Responsible Investing

How the Transfer of Weaith is Transforming Wall Street

by Lynne Ford, Executive Vice President, Calvert Investments

Three important trends are already changing the asset management industry, and are poised to become even more important in the coming years. First, based on their spending and earning power, women now represent a growth market bigger than those of China and India combined. This reality was identified by Kate Sayre and Michael Silverstein of the Boston Consulting Group in their article “The Female Economy.”

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on Criminal Justice: The Past, Present, and Future

Frank Zarro, Director of Legislative Initiatives and Civic Engagement Programming

“Life must be lived forward but it can only be understood backward”—Soren Kierkegaard

The Politics of Imagery 2016

By Francis Zarro, Director of Legislative Initiatives and Civic Engagement

“The whole art of politics consists of directing rationally the irrationalities of men.”—Reinhold Niebuhr

The outcome of the Iowa caucus has set the stage for what may be the most structurally definitive American presidential election since Franklin D. Roosevelt defeated Herbert Hoover in 1932.


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