HPRC Conducts LCA Literature Review of Plastics Disposal Options

Looks at different types of waste management for plastics along with their advantages and disadvantages from an environmental perspective.

Non-regulated mixed plastic waste represents a large portion of the solid waste generated by healthcare facilities. Healthcare waste management decision makers and influencers must choose from a number of disposal options to deal with this growing environmental burden.

Meet HPRC Member Ellen Kondracki from BD


HPRC would like to introduce you to our members! First up is Ellen Kondracki from BD. Ellen talks about her role as Senior Director of Global Sustainability from BD, her biggest accomplishments and challenges in her role, her vision for the future of healthcare plastics, and why she loves HPRC.

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Healthcare Plastics Recycling: Making It Happen at Your Hospital


People who are accustomed to recycling at home often find it frustrating to throw away recyclables at work. And hospitals generate a lot of recyclables. Most hospitals recycle plastics and other materials from the cafeteria and office areas. However, as hospital staff know, a lot of recyclable plastic is used in the patient care areas, as well. Trays, pitchers, basins, and blue wrap are just a few of the items that could be recycled.

Two New Reports Released on the Current State of US Plastics Recycling


Two reports were recently released at the 2016 Plastics Recycling Council detailing the progress made towards increased plastics recycling in the United States. One report looks specifically at non-bottle rigid plastics, and the other focuses on plastic bags and film. Both reports were prepared by Moore Recycling Associates and were funded by the American Chemistry Council.

Is the New Plastic Economy a Blueprint to Design a Circular Future?


The Ellen MacArthur Foundation thinks so. In a new report issued entitled The New Plastics Economy: Rethinking the Future of Plastics, the Foundation looks at the plastics lifecycle through the lens of the circular economy and examines concrete steps that can be taken towards system-wide change.

Plastics News Profiles One Company's Unique Approach to Healthcare Plastics Recycling


Plastics News has a great new piece about the work Triumvirate Environmental Inc is doing to recycle healthcare plastics by transforming them into plastic lumber through their subsidiary brand Best Plus

Ascension Health Joins Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council

Press Release

ST. PAUL, Minn., October 14, 2015 /3BL Media/ – The Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HPRC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Ascension to its Healthcare Facility Advisory Board (HFAB), a role intended to help the council set priorities and steer the agenda towards its mission of inspiring and enabling sustainable, cost-effective recycling solutions for plastic products and materials used in the delivery of healthcare.

Ravago Manufacturing Americas Joins Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council

Press Release

ST. PAUL, Minn., October 8, 2015 /3BL Media/ – The Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HPRC) welcomes Ravago Recycling Group Americas (RRG), an industry leader in in recycled content resins in PIR and PCR recycled feedstocks, as its newest member. RRG produces a wide range of plastic reprocessed materials from high performance engineered resins to recycled post-industrial PP, HDPE, and PS materials.

Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council Develops Plastics Recycling Guide for Hospitals

HospiCycle Makes Debut at CleanMed 2013 in Boston among Healthcare Leaders
Press Release

St. Paul, Minn., April 24, 2013 /3BL Media/ - The Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HPRC) has released a guide with supporting tools intended to help hospitals navigate the process of initiating a plastics recycling program in a patient care setting. Called HospiCyle, this guide addresses the economic, regulatory, resourcing and infrastructure considerations of activating a plastics recycling program in a hospital, from initial planning and business decisions through program implementation and improvement.


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