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Consumers Energy and DTE Invest in Efficiency for Ludington Hydroelectric Plant

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Consumers Energy and DTE have just renewed the license for the Ludington Pumped Storage Plant. The plant began generating electricity in 1973, and licenses are only renewed every 50 years. 

Consumers Energy and DTE plan to improve efficiency and increase electricity generation by replacing the plant's six turbines.

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Hydroelectric Facility Feels Effects of California Drought

Lower reservoir levels mean relying on more natural gas, renewable resources for power generation.

Usually by this time of year, California's Huntington Lake is full, awaiting the arrival of eager boaters and vacationers seeking refuge from the daily grind. But this year, because the winter snowpack in the Northern Sierra Nevada mountain range was only a tiny fraction of what was expected, Huntington is at less than half its normal level.

Developing North America’s Energy Future

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When you turn your lights on, do you ever wonder where that power comes from? How about when you are cooking dinner or making your morning coffee? What about when you are heating your home on a cold winter night? We often take our lifestyle based on a convenient and abundant supply of energy for granted. We switch our appliances on; drive our cars, use computers and cellphones without giving it a second thought. We use energy every day because it’s essential to our modern way of life. But do you ever wonder where the energy comes from?

Energy Points & SustainEdge Launch New Analytics Solution; Norway Doubles Carbon Tax on Oil; Retrofitted Hydro Power Plant Goes Back Online in Montana - Energy Minute for October 16, 2012

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Energy Points, a provider of energy analytics for resource management, and SustainEdge, a consultancy, have launched the Higher Edge Energy Points Solution, a comprehensive solution to increase sustainability and reduce energy consumption at academic campuses. Using Energy Points Analytics, SustainEdge will provide a complete analysis of all resource streams managed in a campus setting, including electricity, water, waste, travel and more.

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