The Montreal Impact and Cascades Partner Up: Soccer Fans Go Green


It’s a beautiful evening at Stade Saputo: you’ve got nachos and drink in hand, and a great view from the top bleachers of the Montreal Impact’s fancy footwork. Thousands of soccer fans adopt this game plan every night that their team plays in town, from March to October. The nachos may be replaced by an Italian sandwich or just an ordinary hot dog, but one thing all the fans have in common is, together, they produce a significant amount of waste each game night.

L’Impact de Montréal et Cascades partenaires : les fans de soccer voient vert!


Une belle soirée d’été au Stade Saputo, nachos et breuvage à la main, à regarder du haut des gradins l’Impact de Montréal manier le ballon. Des milliers d’amateurs de soccer adoptent ce plan de match chaque soir où leur équipe est en ville, de mars à octobre.

Fair Trade Brings Big Sales and a Clear Conscience


Brooklyn Roasting Co. has a booming business based on helping people thousands of miles away.

Ninety percent of the coffee the New York-based company sells is Fair Trade — certified as produced by people who are treated and paid well.

Discovery Communications Employees Discover Their Impact Around the World


Last Friday, more than 4,000 Discovery employees around the world left their offices to make a difference in their communities during Discovery Communications’ fifth annual Discover Your Impact Day.

Show Me the Impact: Responding to Marketplace Demand for Proof of Purpose


Do you know if your social impact commitments are delivering return? It's a critical question – one that many companies don't have the answer to.

Greening Your Spring Cleaning!


Springtime means rebirth, the return of the sun and warmth… but it’s also about spring cleaning after the cold season! Unfortunately, popular cleaners often contain ingredients that end up in the air you breathe and can be harmful to the health of the entire family. Here’s an interesting challenge: why not try doing your spring cleaning with the least possible impact on your health and the environment by buying softer or less polluting cleaning products, or simply making your own!

Act Local

Successful companies use every tool in their arsenals to accomplish their goals and build their brands

Think Global, Act Local has been applied to everything from food to the environment to education.  It’s moved from a bumper sticker slogan to a recognized concept that informs the way many organizations operate, particularly when it comes to social responsibility.  Look no further than the daily missives from Triple Pundit or Sustainable Brands to see how CSR-focused corporate missions and strategies are driving the conversation.

Respond: Engage Your Stakeholders

Part 6 of a 6 part blog series on effective philanthropy program management

The time has come for the fifth and final “R” - Report.

Getting to Impact

Measuring your impact doesn't need to be a stumbling block to understanding the true performance of your CSR program

Similar to CEO Burt Cummings cocktail party conversation from last week, we talk to clients and other companies who are overwhelmed at the thought of collecting more data, even if that data could shed light on the efficacy of their entire philanthropy program.

Know Your Impact (it’s really not that difficult to do…)

Versaic CEO Burt Cummings has a few thoughts for companies who don’t want to know the impact of their philanthropy and sponsorship programs.

An acquaintance at a party asked me what my company did and I responded that many of our solutions help companies evaluate, manage, and measure the impact of their philanthropic and sponsorship programs.  He asked what I meant by impact and I used the  example of a company donating to a hunger relief organization.  To assess impact, the company  might want to get information on how many families the organization was able to feed with their donation.


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