GRI & SDGs: Gender Equality

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How is GRI closing the gap on gender equality? See how we can move beyond reports to enable the ‪#‎GlobalGoals‬ here.

Join us at the 5th GRI Global Conference and shape the future of sustainable decision making! #GRI2016


Key Issues that Affect Healthcare Cost and Revenue

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Balancing the needs of patients, government requirements, expanding services and maintaining a safe work environment, against financial goals can leave healthcare providers stretched thin and at risk.

Learn more about how to eliminate environment, health, and safety risks that impact your people, your brand, and your customers so you can focus on growing your business. Protect your most important assets.

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[Infographic] 2015 Year in Review! 15,000 Volunteer Hours, 221 Software Donations & More

Multimedia with summary saw incredible growth in our software donation and employee volunteer programs in 2015 and is thrilled to share our impacts from last year. With a mission to support nonprofits and social enterprises to create greater impact around the world, we are now serving more than 550 organizations through SuiteDonation, our software donation program.

A Look Back as We Race Forward


2015 was a big year.

It’s the year the Internet of Things (IoT) got some ink in the dictionary. It’s the year IoT and the technology that fuels it began truly transforming our daily lives and environment. And it’s the year AT&T established a major goal using that technology to enhance the world we all share.

[INFOGRAPHIC] How Does Community Involvement Benefit the Business?

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Since 1995, the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship has studied how companies invest in communities and how these efforts connect to their businesses—and has published the findings in the Community Involvement study.

Get in the (Engagement) Loop: Gamification for Workplace Giving Programs


Unsung Heroes that Motivate Greater Giving Participation

Tap into your team’s passion for giving – and have a little fun while you’re at it. We’ve put together a list of motivational (but often overlooked) features for corporate giving and matching programs that increase participation by creating an Engagement Loop.

By the Numbers: Youth (Un)Employment


By the Numbers: Youth (Un)Employment

Whether you live in Kolkata, L.A. or somewhere in between, youth (un)employment has a major impact on young lives. Take a look at the problem by the numbers, and learn why you should act now to help teens around the corner and your sponsored kids around the globe. 

IBM P-Tech model: Debt-free College Grads with Jobs

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In June 2015, six students from the first P-TECH school in Brooklyn completed their program two years early — earning their high-school diplomas and college associate degrees in just four years. Five of the six were the first in their families to graduate college and all six were offered positions with IBM; three will continue their educations with scholarships at four-year colleges and universities.

Conflict Minerals: New Results From Reporting Year 2014


With the deadline for Conflict Minerals Reporting Year 2014 over, Source Intelligence is pleased to offer a graphic representation of conflict minerals RY 2014 SEC filing data. The analysis provided in the infographic highlights how companies are really doing on their conflict minerals reporting, and how companies can plan ahead for RY 2015.

Three Ways Companies Build Better Leaders with Global Pro Bono

The Best Business Leaders Know The Value of Global Service

Sending senior executives into emerging markets may not be an obvious way to develop strong leaders, but many top companies are doing just that. Once-marginalized markets in the Global South are quickly becoming critical revenue drivers for corporations. Business leaders with a nuanced understanding of how these markets operate can be the difference between a business’s stagnation and its continued growth. Yet emerging and growth markets can seem opaque to many executives who have spent their careers in more established markets.


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