New Infographic: How Fair Trade Empowers Women

For every Fair Trade CertifiedTM product you buy, you’re helping to uplift women in the workforce and improve entire communities.
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Share this infographic to encourage others to support women through their Fair Trade purchases.

LBG Canada Trends in Employee Volunteering Programs

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LBG Canada is a network of companies seeking to maximize the impact of community investment for employees, society and the business. These companies understand the importance of volunteering:

INFOGRAPHIC: How Eco-Initiatives Today Set the Stage for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Whirlpool Corp. continues commitment to sustainability in/outside the home
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In 1970, when Whirlpool Corporation created a corporate office for environmental control, it cemented the company’s on-going commitment to environmental protection and natural resource efficiency. Each year, Whirlpool’s appliances get more efficient than the appliances made just one year ago. At Whirlpool Corporation Earth Day is a reminder of the company’s commitment to developing high-performance appliances that conserve the earth’s resources and help homeowners do the same.

Ecolab Celebrates World Health Day: From Cow to Consumer

Ecolab plays an important role in food safety by providing farmers, manufacturers, restaurateurs and retailers with innovative technologies, on-site service and ongoing training aimed at keeping food safe.
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Food safety is the theme of World Health Day, held this year on April 7. Sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO), World Health Day is an opportunity to highlight the importance of food safety around the world, from farm to fork. 

Infographic: The Top Insights from the NAEM EMIS Report

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The 2015 EHS and Sustainability Software Buyers Guide report was just released by NAEM. The report analyzes how companies are approaching EHS and Sustainability software in 2015: what companies’ data management needs are, how much they are spending on software systems, how they select their solutions, implementation challenges and more.

This infographic that gives a succinct (and beautiful) overview of the top insights from the report. Explore it and get to know this must-read report even better.

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How Technology Transforms Workplace Volunteering


How can you match employees with the right volunteer opportunities – the ones that best build on their skills and interests? Technology.

Did you know that the average employee at VolunteerMatch partner companies volunteers 36 hours a year? How do weknow that? Technology.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Where Your Recyclables Go

Take a closer look at the journey your recyclables take after getting picked up at the curb.
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Recyclebank, a company that inspires and rewards consumers for making greener everyday choices, has released an infographic about the single-stream recycling process. The infographic is available for embedding it on your own site or sharing it on social media sites. Find it on

Infographic: 2015 Data Privacy Day

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Alliance Data and our three lines of business celebrate Data Privacy Day, a day we mark at Alliance Data, since the importance of protecting our Company’s data, our clients’ data, and our clients’ customers’ data is an integral part of our DNA. This infographic is a short summary of what Big Data looks like in today’s data-driven economy. 

New Infographic Shows Full Circle of Fair Trade

Illustration explains how Fair Trade works to improve lives and protect the planet.
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It turns out, good practices and good products go hand in hand. A growing number of farmers, factories, businesses, and consumers are seeing how investing in people best secures the future of the products (and planet) we love.  By purchasing Fair Trade, you join a virtuous circle that improve lives, protects the environment, and produces high-quality products for you and your family to enjoy.

Learn more about how Fair Trade works by visiting

Companies Building Business and Community Impact: The Win-Win

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Giving increased for 64% of companies since the end of the Great Recession, but growth has slowed in recent years. Companies continue to focus their investments: Individual grants are getting larger and corporate grantmakers are working with fewer nonprot organizations; median grant size increased by 43% from 2010 to 2013, yet median number of nonprot partnerships per grantmaker fell 21% from 2010 to 2013.


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