Women Using Venture Capital to Change the World

The New Leaders in Silicon Valley

by Nancy E. Pfund, founder and managing partner, DBL (Double Bottom Line) Partners and one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business 2016

Using Global Asset Management Solutions Can Positively Impact the Bottom Line

By: Eric Jouane

This week the facilities management community came together to celebrate World FM Day and honor all the men and women who support the health, safety, productivity and well-being of people who utilize the built environment. In honor of this annual occasion, I wanted to talk about the importance of effectively managing your assets.

Invested in: Rorus


As the recipient of BNY Mellon’s Social Finance Global Innovation Award, Rorus is moving forward with its mission to enable affordable, safe drinking water throughout the world.

Video – What Will We Build Today?

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Caterpillar has supported a number of major natural infrastructure restoration projects, including the Everglades restoration projects in Florida, clean-up work in the wake of Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina and remediating Superfund sites across the United States. 

Learn more in this video.

Why Infrastructure Building in Developing Nations Must Start with Solar

By Jonathan Deesing

The question of energy efficiency is ever-pressing, especially as it relates to infrastructure growth in developing nations. In fact, so much attention has been given to this topic that the International Solar Alliance recently invited 120 countries to support the expansion of solar technologies in the Global South.

Talk with Green Guy Show - 3/20/16 - Mayors Climate Summit Series - Alicia Zatcoff, Sustainability Mgr, City of Richmond, VA

Alicia Zatcoff, Sustainability Manager, City of Richmond, VA
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The Ray C. Anderson Foundation is the Platinum Sponsor of "The Green Guy" radio talk show on WGST AM640 - Atlanta.  Shows air weekly at 9AM Eastern, featuring voices from all aspects of sustainable life. - at home, at work, at school and in the community.

Listen to the March 20th show by clicking below and be sure to tune in this Sunday, March 27th for an interview with Mayor Esther Manheimer of Asheville, NC.

The Path to a Sustainable America - How the Intolerant Left & the Righteous Right Need to Work Together


by Cliff Feigenbaum, founder, GreenMoney Journal

As we all know, this year’s financial and political events are already moving quickly. I started 2016 by shifting my online news source from The New York Times to The Wall Street Journal, trying to learn about the world through a difference lens and gain a new perspective on business, politics and money. 

Politics are omnipresent this year, from the surprisingly intolerant Left (where free speech isn’t always free) to the ever-righteous Right (where liberal values are seldom welcome). 

Siemens’ SiMobility Connect Tool Provides Commuters Convenient, Eco-Friendly and Multi-Modal Traveling

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For many years, there has been no lack of alternative means of transport with which to travel through the city faster than by car, while at the same time doing your bit to relieve traffic congestion and protect the environment. But something vital was still lacking for the next chapter in the success story of intermodality to be opened: a convenient way to plan and book those trips from the first to the last mile with just one click.

How Driverless Cars Will Shape Cities of the Future

by Giovanna Fabiano

Imagine a world where driverless cars rule the road, navigating their way across an integrated network of connected cities, while sharing data with infrastructure in real time.

Truly “smart cities,” in which transportation systems all communicate with each other (think cars with traffic signals, for example), may seem far off, but futurists and economists alike say it will happen sooner than you think.

In fact, autonomous technology already exists, and its proliferation will have profound implications on the built environment.


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