Applying a Pattern of Excellence

From research to reality: Meet Neoterix ST

Imagine an innovation that reduces the accumulation of bacteria the moment germs hit a surface by 90–95 percent without the use of toxic chemicals that can lead to the development of resistant organisms. It may sound like something straight out of a science fiction novel, but it’s real—and Sappi paper helps make it possible.

Sappi North America's Release Business Continues Innovation with First-of-its-Kind Microtexture

How the shark skin-inspired Neoterix ST casting and release paper can transform surfaces
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Through a partnership with Sharklet Technologies Inc. we are taking Ultracast to an entirely new application space—instead of aesthetic textures, the patterns used are functional. While invisible to the human eye, the microscopic Sharklet™ texture imparts the unique ability to inhibit bacterial growth. On traditional antimicrobial surfaces, chemicals are used to kill bacteria.

Lessening the Burden of Non-Communicable Diseases


Fundamental to Pfizer’s approach in supporting global health is helping to ensure that individuals have the opportunity to lead healthy lives.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia Publishes Its 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report


This week Commonwealth Bank of Australia released its 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report, which shows continuing progress across a range of initiatives focused on delivering the Group’s vision to excel at securing and enhancing the financial wellbeing of people, businesses and communities.

Commonwealth Bank’s Chief Executive Officer, Ian Narev, said the Report provides a transparent and thorough update on the work being done across a range of initiatives that benefit employees, customers, shareholders and Australian communities.

Infographic: Explore Sappi North America's Innovative Casting and Release Business

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Sappi is the world’s leading supplier of casting and release papers. Our papers create exciting and unique textures on the surface of other materials, including synthetic leathers, coated fabrics, unsupported films and decorative laminates. Release paper imparts both texture and gloss during the fabrication process and is then removed to reveal the textured surface. The resulting materials are incorporated into a wide variety of items, including furniture, shoes, handbags, apparel, automobile interiors, cabinets, countertops and much more! 

Breaking Down Barriers to Health Care Access for Women and Children

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For nearly 65 years, the Pfizer Foundation has been making important global health contributions around the world. This includes investments that support innovative approaches to breaking down barriers to health care access for women and children in low-resource communities, ultimately advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5 for Gender Equality.

Through our Women and Children’s Health portfolio, the Pfizer Foundation provides grants to organizations to help improve access to immunization and family planning services. The portfolio includes initiatives to:

Harnessing Entrepreneurship to Promote Sustainable Health Solutions


Pfizer believes a collaborative relationship between the public and private sectors is critical in generating sustainable solutions for global health challenges. To underscore that belief, we are proud that through the Pfizer Foundation we provide catalytic grants to social entrepreneurs and organizations, with the goal of improving access to affordable, quality healthcare care for those in need. We achieve this by providing funding and technical assistance to help scale potential high-impact innovations that aim to improve health systems and infrastructure in low-resource settings.

Cargill Boosts Positive Impact for Customers and Communities

2017 annual report outlines the company’s approach to expand markets, leverage expertise, mobilize data, scale up sustainability and deliver corporate responsibility impact

Building on strong earnings in fiscal 2017, Cargill is working to continue growing its business and corporate responsibility impact. The company’s 2017 annual report, launched today, outlines its business growth and community impact. 

Driving Innovation in Coffee Capsule Recycling

Nespresso: pioneering recycling for more than 25 years

Building on 25 years of capsule recycling

As a company that relies on aluminium to protect the freshness and aromas of its highest quality coffee, Nespresso recognises the need for a responsible approach to the use of aluminium and its obligation to preserve natural resources.

Booz Allen Interns Take Navigation Assistance for the Blind One Step Further in This Year’s Summer Games


Below is the first in a series of posts about projects from the Booz Allen Summer Games internship program.

This summer, 450 Summer Games interns are tackling real-world challenges. How can you build an Internet of Things platform that is secure from the get-go? What’s the best way to predict rising water scenarios? Can you automate IT operations through Machine Intelligence to do this? And how do you make it easier for the public to spot fake news?


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