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Household consumption drives 60 percent of economic activity globally. Yet too often, our consumption is synonymous with environmental and social degradation.

'We Help Mums Take Care Of Families, And We Care'

Kimberly-Clark chief says what's important to him is the needs of his consumers

Running a business in the fast-moving consumer goods sector is all about listening to the customer and no one knows better than chief executive Thomas Falk.

Mr Falk, who heads the American consumer goods giant Kimberly-Clark, told The Straits Times: "Every day, a quarter of the world's population trusts our products and the solutions to make lives better.

"People say that big companies don't care, but as one that's responsible for helping mums take care of their families, I say that we do."

Safety as a Value in Manufacturing: Kimberly-Clark Invited to Speak at National Conference for Government Labor Officials


As a recognized leader in the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) for Kentucky, Kimberly-Clark was selected to speak during the National Association of Government Labor Officials (NAGLO) annual conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 26-29.

Kimberly-Clark Manufacturing Facility In Wisconsin Celebrates 10-Years Injury Free


For 10 consecutive years, the people at Kimberly-Clark’s Global Nonwovens Facility in Neenah, Wi., have proven they are 100 percent committed to safety. They recently hit the 10 year milestone with no injuries or work related illnesses.

Most of the products made at the facility, such as stretch-bonded laminate components, are shipped to other Kimberly-Clark sites for manufacturing into diapers, training pants, and feminine and adult care products.

Toilets Change Lives – Lending a Hand to Social Venture in India

Social enterprise receives expert advice from volunteers to improve access to sanitation in rural Indian state

As part of Kimberly-Clark’s commitment to improving sanitation worldwide, the company’s Toilets Change Lives (TCL) program has created new opportunities for employee volunteers to directly engage with the global sanitation crisis.

Sprint, Staples, Kimberly-Clark: the Litmus Test for Wheat-Straw Paper


By Heather Clancy

Most people equate paper with cutting down trees, but an abundant eco-alternative covers literally tens of millions of acres across the North American prairies.


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