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Connecting the Past to the Present: Georgia-Pacific's Enduring Partnership With the National Center for Civil and Human Rights


The first thing you hear after sitting down at a replica lunch counter and putting on your headphones is just above a whisper.

“You’ll be alright,” the voice assures. “Just stay calm.”

The quiet is quickly interrupted by the hollering of an approaching mob.

Someone shouts, "Get up!" followed by a loud thump as the table and seat your sitting at begin to rumble.

The experience intensifies – you can hear a physical altercation behind you – before it abruptly stops and a calm voice comes through your headphones, bringing you back to reality.

Into the Clouds: IT Product Manager Is Inspired by a Challenge

Whether managing the transition to cloud computing or planning her next mountaineering adventure, Rajani Bhakta is inspired by shared vision – and a challenge

With each step higher, the air became colder and thinner for Rajani Bhakta, an IT product manager with Koch company Flint Hills Resources, as she worked her way up the side of Mount Rainier in 2015.

“It was really, really difficult,” Rajani admits.

The mountain rises 14,411 feet above sea level. It’s challenging enough of a climb that many use it to train for the world’s tallest mountain: Mount Everest.

More Than Point A to B: Why Koch Is Scaling Up Autonomous and Electrified Logistics Solutions

Byron Knight explores the 'tremendous opportunity' to invest in new supply chain innovations

Guest Author: Byron Knight, COO and Managing Director, Koch Disruptive Technologies

In the not-too-distant future, the complex process of transporting goods from Point A to Point B might look and sound quite different.

People-First Automation: How Koch Is Building the Plant of the Future


People are passionate about many things: politics, gardening, craft cocktails and puppies. For Howard Elton, joy comes in the form of process control automation. “These are the systems that protect chemical plants and people around them,” he says. His unbridled passion is a good thing for Koch Ag & Energy Solutions. He’s the guy who’s preparing the plants of the future.

THE PICTURE: Self-Actualization in Action


When Lynn Penny, vice president of human resources with Koch Global Services, started working for Koch more than two decades ago, she never could have anticipated where her career would take her. 

In her position with human resources, a big part of Lynn’s job is helping employees leverage their skills to self-actualize in roles that fulfill them, and that they’re passionate about. It’s a fitting job for someone whose career has transformed considerably through her own continuous journey of self-actualization.

Koch Engineered Solutions Acquires DEPCOM Power to Build New Industry Platform in Renewables and Electrical Infrastructure Value Chain

DEPCOM’s full-service solar power solutions will be central to Koch Industries’ development of renewable electric generation platform
Press Release

WICHITA, Kan., Jan. 4, 2022 /3BL Media/ – Koch Engineered Solutions LLC (KES), a unit of Koch Industries Inc. (Koch), recently announced the acquisition of DEPCOM Power Inc. (DEPCOM). DEPCOM is a leading engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) firm that builds utility-scale solar power plants and manages ongoing operations, maintenance and refurbishment services.

Changing Veterans' Lives, One Pro Bono Case at a Time


Ron Potempa spent his career in the United States Navy ensuring “good order and discipline” as an officer in the Judge Advocate General’s (JAG) Corps. He enjoyed his job, but every now and then, Ron wished there was something more he could do to help a sailor caught up in the naval justice system.

Improving Our Workflow: Georgia-Pacific Mill Reduces Water Use by 40% in 10 Weeks


The processes for making paper have evolved over hundreds of years, but one ingredient has stayed the same: water. The precious natural resource is vital to creating every sheet of paper in existence, from napkins to notebooks to cardboard boxes.

Paying It Forward: How Mentors are Helping Open Career Doors at Koch


Felipe Lopez faced a number of speedbumps in college that threatened to impede his efforts to earn a degree. He worked three jobs to pay tuition, making it harder to focus on classes. As the first in his family to attend college, there was no one to show him the ropes, so he learned about internships, networking and how to write a resume through trial and error.

A Source for Good: Recycling is Just the Start for a Paper Mill and Its Community

Recycling, energy from biomass, reducing landfill initiative. How one Georgia-Pacific facility is transforming itself and the community.

“This is the heartbeat of a 50-mile area,” Shawn Williams says from a corner of Georgia-Pacific’s Naheola mill on a cool morning. “If you live in the community, this is where you want to work.”


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