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Making a Key Ingredient for COVID-19 Relief

Flint Hills Resources is shattering polypropylene production records while prioritizing COVID-19 customers and adjusting to 'new normal'

Bill Shelton’s workplace looks a little different from just a few months ago.

Fashion Designer Helping Stitch Together Face Masks, New Opportunities

How one woman is teaching job skills to others in recovery while aiding her community’s response to COVID-19

Stella Hankins, an up-and-coming designer currently making face masks for the public out of her small studio space in Wichita, Kansas, is not shy to share her personal life. “I’ve been in recovery for three years,” she said while discussing her latest project, “so I’ve seen the need for somebody to be an advocate for women in recovery.”

Anti-Virus: Infor Software is Helping Hospitals Battle the COVID-19 Pandemic

A team at Infor is fighting back against COVID-19 by helping medical workers track critical PPE

The COVID-19 pandemic has put normal life on pause for many, including Matt Wilson. Quarantined at home in Kansas City, Wilson – senior vice president of healthcare strategy with global cloud software company Infor – felt sidelined, powerless to help in the fight.

Until one March morning, with the novel coronavirus spreading quickly through the U.S., Wilson and a dedicated team at Infor realized their opportunity to fight back and help the healthcare workers battling COVID-19 in hospitals around the country. 

Charles Koch and Brian Hooks on Empowering Solutions to Overcome COVID-19 Pandemic


From government to business to education, individuals from across society are working together to find innovative ways to help others through the ongoing challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

“All of us have a role to play, and all of our roles matter. As with other challenges in our history, this crisis must be tackled from the bottom up,” write Charles Koch, the chairman and CEO of Koch Industries, and Brian Hooks, the chairman and CEO of Stand Together, a philanthropic community co-founded by Koch.

Uniting to Fight COVID-19 with Ultraviolet Light

How a cross-functional Koch team is helping Violet Defense engineer UV light to stretch critical medical supplies

As the world continues to adapt and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, a team from Koch Industries is working around the clock with Violet Defense to rapidly develop a unique solution to destroy the deadly virus using ultraviolet (UV) light.

3D Printing with Purpose: Koch Employee Makes PPE for Hospitals in Need

At Koch company John Zink Hamworthy Combustion, 3D printers are being repurposed to create face shields for frontline healthcare workers

Tim Aman is a self-described geek. From his workstation at John Zink Hamworthy Combustion’s (JZHC) headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the company’s IT systems analyst proudly shows off the scale replica of the Star Trek USS Voyager he made with a Makerbot Ultimaker 3D printer using a file he downloaded off the internet.

How Koch is Fighting COVID-19

Koch Industries, our companies, and our communities are standing together to help create certainty in these uncertain times. Here are some of the ways Koch is helping fight COVID-19.

Koch Industries

Diabetes Technology Starts With the Heart

How one industrial designer uses empathy to create better products

Something was wrong. Morgan didn’t know what. But for weeks, she had been lethargic and sick. Minutes after arriving at the doctor’s office, she realized how serious it was – she had type-1 diabetes. At 13 years old, her life was forever changed. It would take less than a year for her life to change again – when she shared her diabetes invention, the Blood Glucose Test Strip Dispenser, with one of the people who makes the diabetes technology she needs to live.

This Glass Is for the Birds

How Guardian Glass developed glass that reduces bird-glass collisions around the world

One picturesque afternoon in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Sheldon Davis, Guardian Industries’ vice president of research and technology, took a stroll with Alex Sobolev, a Guardian industrial designer, through the city’s bustling downtown area adjacent to the University of Michigan. As birds chirped, squawked, and flitted between trees and buildings, Sobolev described a widespread – but virtually invisible – architectural issue that has affected not only urban skyscrapers but also more low-slung buildings in rural and suburban areas.

Learning to Code, One Dancing Cat at a Time


Their control pads were ready. Their avatars’ energy levels were full. Excitement filled the air as second grade students at Isely Elementary worked to beat level 1: making a cat dance. Next up, adding pineapples and unicorns to their digital dance party. 


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