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Early Bird Pricing for Living Future 18

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Celebrate 12 years of innovation with the International Living Future Institute at Living Future 2018 in Portland, Oregon from May 1-4. Register before December 6, 11:59 PM PST, and take $100 off your ticket for this year’s 3-day conference highlighting Authenticity + Action.

Living Future unConference Call for Proposals Closes Monday, August 21st


The International Living Future Institute is excited to announce the call for proposals for their 12th annual Living Future unConference dedicated to Authenticity and Action. Next May 1-4 in Portland, Oregon, the unConference will bring together a community of leading deep green practitioners who will share their insights around building socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative communities. 

Living Future unConference Call for Proposals

Announcing the Call for Proposals for Living Future 2018, May 1-4 in Portland, Oregon

The International Living Future Institute is excited to announce the Call for Proposals for the upcoming Living Future unConference in Portland, Oregon on May 1-4, 2018. At the 12th annual unConference, ILFI invites you to lead us in the exploration of AUTHENTICITY and inspire and equip us to take ACTION that echoes our truth. 

All session proposals will be reviewed using the following criteria:

Heroes Working For a Restorative Future


Every year, we recognize individuals who have demonstrated a fierce commitment to the Living Building Challenge with their desire to continually raise the bar on behalf of the green building industry.

This year, nine recipients are inspirational in their quest to help safeguard our future.

Van Jones: Living Future unConference Opening Night Keynote


During the initial planning stages of the International Living Future Institute’s 11th annual unConference, the theme was dedicated to Genius and Courage. The search then began for keynote speakers who are devoted to bringing these nouns to life in their daily actions. Our opening night keynote, Van Jones, does just that. The Yale-educated lawyer and social rights activist is a clear representation of genius and courage.

Together We Can Move Mountains

Living Future unConference Celebrates the Genius and Courage of Women on International Women's Day and Everyday

As we reflect on March 8--International Women’s Day--I am recollecting the sea of 100,000 participants at the Women’s March in Portland, OR this last January. It was deeply gratifying to be surrounded by a strong, courageous and passionate group of women. The thought that nearly 4 million participants worldwide were moved to turn out to the Women’s March based on one individual woman in Hawaii from her Facebook post strains the imagination. The Black Lives Matter movement also started as one woman’s tweet that led to a social movement.

Ten Actions Toward a Living Future


For many of us it has been hard to cling to a sense of hope when we see basic human rights such as clean water, clean air, and freedom of religion under attack. Our work here at the Institute often requires courage as we seek to create a Living Future for all. Van Jones has been on the forefront of making positive change for our world, from founding Green for All and DreamCorps to his current role with CNN. As a changing political climate was brewing, my intuition told me that we would need courage and the genius of brilliant ideas to keep our work moving forward this year.

Early Bird Pricing for Living Future 17

Ends December 5th, 2016 | 11:59 PM PST
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The Early Bird deadline for the 2017 Living Future UnConference is around the corner! Register before December 5th, 11:59 PM PST, and take $100 off your ticket for this year’s 3-day conference, featuring amazing keynote speakers: Van Jones​, Naomi Klein​ and Kirsti Luke.

Celebrate 11 years of innovation with us as we pursue the theme of Genius and Courage in our everyday lives, May 17 - 19, 2017.

Use the hashtag #LF17 and let us know who you're most excited to see, and what you're most excited to hear!

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