Biomimicry = Return on Inspiration

How Biomimicry can help sequester carbon and build a circular economy and perfect NetPositive regenerative design

by Janine Benyus co-founder, Biomimicry 3.8 and the Biomimicry Institute 

It seems so obvious now: innovators are turning to nature for inspiration in building, chemistry, agriculture, energy, health, transportation, computing–even the design of organizations and cities. Biomimicry is taught from kindergarten to university and practiced in all scales of enterprise.

Why Inclusion and Diversity is Good for Business

by Brian Tippens, Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer

At no time in history has more attention been paid to the lack of diversity in the technology industry. An increasing demand for transparency from customers, stakeholders, and employees alike, has led to growing pressure to diversify a predominantly white, Asian, and male workforce. New companies are mobilizing to take a stand on social issues, while others with a strong history of human rights are aiming to increase accountability within management to foster inclusion among their teams.

Feminist Stakeholders, the Dakota Pipeline and ESG Investing


by Rebecca Adamson, Native American economist, Founder and President, First Peoples Worldwide 

“The fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline has implications beyond the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. It is a fight for everyone who wants clean air, clean water, and gender equality. As governments increasingly prove incapable or unwilling to protect these things, citizens are turning to the market and the market is responding.” 

Dear Financial Services CEO: Where are the Women?


 by Kathleen McQuiggan, Senior VP, Global Women’s Strategies, Pax World and Managing Director, Pax Ellevate Management, LLC

For an industry that prides itself on mastering risk management, finding value and uncovering arbitrage opportunities, I think the financial services sector is falling flat. Why? Because most firms are overlooking one of the biggest investment opportunities ever: women.

Four Steps to Restore Trust in Business

Global CEOs agree on four things they can do to engage in the community and build the business
Multimedia with summary

February 24, 2014 CECP Board of Boards CEO Roundtable

World’s Leading CEOs Convene to Discuss Strategies to Solve Societal Challenges while Driving Business Performance

Board of Boards CEO Roundtable is Leading Forum for CEOs to Discuss the Business Case for Being a Force for Good
Press Release

New York, NY, February 24, 2014 /3Bl Media/ - CEOs representing a coalition of global senior executives whose companies have committed more than $14 billion in annual total community investment will gather today for CECP’s 9th annual, closed-door Board of Boards CEO Roundtable.

McKinsey Study Demonstrates Nonprofit Leaders Need Access to Pro Bono


A McKinsey study of 196 C-suite nonprofit leaders released this month explored today's state of leadership in the social sector to uncover what leaders need to succeed.  The study found that two primary barriers preventing nonprofit leaders from securing the resources they need include:

·         A lack of understanding on how to find the right resources; and

·         A feeling that the right resources are inaccessible because they are too expensive.

Women Matter 2010: Increasing Shareholder Value


In order to improve your company's financial performance, provide a way forward for women to advance to senior positions. In its new study, Women Matter 2010, McKinsey & Company established the link between the presence of women in leadership and better financial results. This is the firm's fourth annual study addressing women and leadership.

What is the Best Top Growth Strategy for 2011?

Blog by Julie Urlaub, Founder and Managing Partner at Taiga Company

How does a business outperform the stock market in good times and insulate itself from fallout during the bad times?  A study from the University Of Southern California Marshall School Of Business says innovation is the key.   In addition, according to the post,


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