Covid-19's Teachable Moment: Students Identify Sustainable Workplace Practices Worth Continuing in Carbon Reduction Challenge

By: Jennifer Holley-Lux

Announcing the winners of this year's Carbon Reduction Challenge at Georgia Tech. A collaboration between the Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business and the Georgia Tech Global Change Program.


Announcing the winners of this year's Carbon Reduction Challenge at Georgia Tech. A collaboration between the Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business and the Georgia Tech Global Change Program.

Medtronic: Quality Care, From Anywhere

With a global pandemic still raging in parts of the world, Medtronic is helping stretched-thin clinicians work quickly, safely, and efficiently with the help of remote technology.

When the COVID-19 crisis was hitting its apex in New York earlier this year, doctors needed a way to remotely monitor the vital signs of patients admitted to a large convention center that had been converted into a field hospital.

So, a team from Medtronic quickly installed several of the company’s technologies to create a system that allowed about 10 clinicians to remotely monitor about 400 patients at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

Getting such an operation up and running normally takes weeks or months … Medtronic did it over a weekend.

Medtronic: The Doctor Will See You Now, Please

What hospitals do and say over the next few months isn’t just about optics.


Medtronic: When Distance Drives Discovery

The pandemic didn’t force us to reimagine patient care. That was always the plan.

At the turn of the 20th century, doctors lacked the basic tools to see inside the human body. Today, a wireless, battery-powered pacemaker the size of a large vitamin can be implanted directly inside a patient's heart. For decades, we have overcome obstacles to ensure patients get the care they need. Now, the coronavirus has created an entirely new set of challenges. We have a choice: Run from the challenge or be part of the solution.  

Medtronic: Leadership During the COVID-19 Crisis

Medtronic CEO talks with TriplePundit about delivering on our Mission during a pandemic

CEO Geoff Martha was recently interviewed by TriplePundit about the company's response to COVID-19. Watch clips of the conversation, where he discusses how our Mission guided him and empowered us to put purpose over profit in a time of crisis.

Watch clips here.

Medtronic: Remotely, Together

Though we are separated by distance, the world is coming together to fight coronavirus

Coronavirus reminds us how our economies, industries, rituals, and life as we know it, exist in a delicate balance. What happens in one corner of the world inevitably impacts another. And seemingly overnight, those connections start to unravel. So while we continue to search for answers, we must find ways to help put things back together.

Medtronic: It Takes a Village

When slowing the spread of the virus jeopardizes the global flow of life-saving medical devices and supplies, we work together to find solutions

With thousands of supply chain partners at the ready, we all braced for the challenging road ahead. Demand for ventilators rose practically overnight. So we set out to increase production. In a matter of days, we doubled capacity and introduced 24/7 operations. But as countries began closing borders, restricting imports and exports, suppliers sounded the alarms. The ramp-up was at risk.

Medtronic: Critical Philanthropic Support at a Critical Time

As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds, we are providing resources to help partners strengthen healthcare response and support underserved communities.

A global pandemic creates a massive ripple effect. Medical equipment shortages. Job loss. Food insecurity. Economic hardship. Those hit hardest are frontline healthcare workers and underserved patients and communities. Current data also suggests a disproportionate burden of illness and death among racial and ethnic minority groups.


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