Skating to Success in Harlem

Practicing Servant Leadership to Build Skills, Confidence, and Transformational Relationships

In our current political climate, characterized by confusion, vitriol, and disruption, practicing servant leadership is more important than ever. Servant leaders are those who place the needs of the group ahead of their own and use empathy to create environments in which everyone can thrive. At the PIMCO Foundation, this philosophy is visible in our volunteering initiatives and in the focus of our grant making. In our view, an ethos of caring for others is the cornerstone of healthy societies.

Carnival Foundation Awards Four-Year College Scholarships to 17 South Florida High School Students


Carnival Foundation, in partnership with the Miami HEAT and Florida Prepaid College Foundation, presented 17 South Florida students with four-year college scholarships during halftime of the HEAT game on March 19, 2017.

Addressing Barriers for Women Leaders: Mentoring

By: Jennifer Williamson

In 1972 Katharine Graham became America’s first female Fortune 500 CEO, leading The Washington Post Company, the fifth largest publishing company at the time, and under her leadership profits grew 20 percent annually from 1975 to 1985.   She also became a role model and mentor for many women leaders in male-dominated fields and spoke openly about the issues they faced.

Rotary Club Pairs Student with Head of Whirlpool


David Reimers has always dreamed of working at Whirlpool, and now he's living his dream. When David was in high school, a Rotary club set up an interview for him with Jeff Fettig, the CEO of Whirlpool. Fettig gave him good advice and helped him apply for a summer internship. Now out of college and working at Whirlpool in sales, David says, "I couldn’t be more thankful starting my career off this way.”

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College Coders Compete to Last Second at 2017 Global CodeCon Finals


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Top college coders from around the world gathered on January 27th at Bloomberg’s offices in New York City and London for the Global CodeCon Finals. Competitors took their seats, hunched over their laptops and scanned the first of eight programming challenges that would test their coding skills, speed and strategic thinking.

Being a Friend and Mentor to Youth, Damien’s Personal Commitment to the Community


By day, Damien Savage is a Congressional Sales Lead at Bloomberg Government (BGOV) in Washington, D.C.—managing the sales strategy for BGOV clients and prospects. By night, he’s a Bloomberg Startup mentor with Capital Partners for Education (CPE), a college prep program serving low-income youth in the Washington area.

“I am, myself, the product of mentoring,” said Damien. “Growing up, my home life could be difficult — there were lots of times where it was lonely and there was a temptation to start running with the wrong crowd. My mentors shaped me into who I am today.”

Remote Tutoring Model Attracts In-Demand STEM Mentors

by Peter Tavernise, Corporate Affairs Director, Community Development

As a Cisco IT program manager, Vijay Nerella spends his workday in back-to-back meetings. Vijay’s team is responsible for ongoing IT programs that support the work of dozens of groups within Cisco. It’s a responsibility that requires constant communication and coordination. His Outlook calendar is blocked and booked daily.

Yet, in the middle of a typical meeting-intensive day, Vijay has a volunteer commitment: he is tutoring a 7th-grade student in algebra through a nonprofit organization called We Teach Science (WTS).

How to Score a Touchdown: Three Leadership Tips for a Winning Team

By: Jim Jenkins

On Sunday, Americans will gather around their televisions to watch the biggest football game of the year. We’ll see teammates forge relationships on the field, work together,  and take home the title.  At work, we want our teams to succeed, too. We want our entry-level employees to make a big impact just like the rookie on our favorite team did. And we hope our senior executives lead as effectively as the veteran QB does.   In fact, by studying leadership on the field, we can learn great strategies for leadership in the workplace.

Booz Allen’s Girl Scouts Mentor Program Inspires Young Women to Think Big


Jordan Spite is learning to think of her passions as future career paths. “I now realize that there is a lot more you can do in your life than just one job,” said the middle schooler who recently attended Booz Allen Hamilton’s Make the Connection mentor program in partnership with Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital (GSCNC). The second event of a four-part platform designed to develop smart and capable young women, MTC inspires girls to think about personal and professional growth.

Three Quality of LifeHacks for Mentoring Millennials

By: Quality of Lifehacks

Do there seem to be an awful lot of twenty and thirtysomethings walking around your office these days? Millennials are now the largest generation in the U.S. workforce—they passed Generation X in 2015, according to the Pew Research Center.

With so many Millennials in the workforce, developing their talent is important to every organization’s future. Here are a few tips on how to effectively mentor this unique generation.


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