Creating a New World in Minecraft for Students to Explore


Our passion for invention isn’t limited to the health care industry and the patients we serve; it drives us to inspire the next generation of inventors. So, we created a new approach to science-based learning.

Periodic Odyssey is a new world in Minecraft where students explore, search for and find elements from the periodic table and unlock the power of science with special in-game rewards.

Using the game’s traditional pickaxe and custom element-inspired skins, players will explore our completely unique, immersive Minecraft map to hunt for all naturally-occurring elements.

We're Training More Diverse Investigators to Help Improve Clinical Trials

Our company has partnered with National Medical Fellowships to help expand the pool of diverse principal investigators

For as long as he can remember, Adeyemi Adenola wanted to be a doctor. Yet, after studying internal medicine in Nigeria and moving to the U.S., he found a new passion for helping patients through clinical research.

“I realized that you can make a wider impact on patient population when you’re not limited by the number of patients you see,” said Adenola, a Merck scientist in clinical operations.

Seramount Names Merck As One of the 2021 Best Companies for Dads


Seramount (formerly Working Mother Media) revealed its fourth annual list of the 2021 Best Companies for Dads today. This year’s winners are focusing on inclusive benefits for families, including paid gender-neutral parental leave, backup childcare, and how these organizations supported their employees throughout COVID-19. Merck was among the top companies that earned a spot on this year’s list.

Merck Announces Alliance for Equity in Cancer Care

Press Release

To help address persistent disparities across the cancer care continuum – from diagnosis to survivorship – and improve patient outcomes among adult underserved populations, the Merck Foundation announces a new U.S. initiative, the Merck Alliance for Equity in Cancer Care (the Alliance). 

Humans, Animals and the Environment - Our Health Is All Connected

Why the One Health approach is important now more than ever

The health of humans, animals and the environment are all interconnected. When the health of one is at risk, the health of all may be at risk.   

Fighting for Health Equity From Inside the Health Care Industry

Carmen Villar, vice president, social business innovation, always defended the underdog – now she leads a team solely focused on reducing health disparities

For as long as she can remember, Carmen Villar wanted a purpose-driven career that allowed her to give back to the community. She attributes those lofty goals to the influence of her parents, who were her greatest role models.

“My mother is Japanese and was born in an internment camp during World War II. My father is Mexican and grew up living in the projects in East L.A.,” explains Villar.

Merck for Mothers: Helping End Maternal Mortality

A decade of strategic partnerships, private sector innovation and data-driven impact to help create a world where no woman has to die while giving life

Giving birth can be one of the most beautiful and joyous experiences in a woman’s life, but for many — too many — it can be a scary and tragic event.

Maternal mortality worldwide is too high. Approximately 295,000 women died during and following childbirth in 2017. Most of these deaths (94%) occurred in locations where women have few resources. But no matter what corner of the globe you live in, most of these deaths could have been prevented.

If we don’t do more, mothers, daughters and granddaughters will continue to lose their lives. And their loss will impact many.

Celebrating the Diversity of Our Workforce

How we're leaning into the voices, perspectives and experiences that strengthen our mission

In January 2015, Celeste Warren, vice president and chief diversity officer, suggested during a team meeting that we need to celebrate the diversity of our employees and provide them with time to pause, learn and reflect. Energized, the team realized that a day — or even a week — would not be impactful enough. Warren took in the perspectives of the team and said, “Let’s take the month,” and Global Diversity & Inclusion (GD&I) Experience Month was born.

“Let’s take the month,” and Global Diversity & Inclusion (GD&I) Experience Month was born.

MilliporeSigma Science Will Tell Podcast: What is a Virtual Power Purchase Agreement?


Science Will Tell is a podcast series in which we explore infinite solutions to sustainability and community impact from the Life Science Business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.* 

In this episode of the Science Will Tell podcast series, you'll hear about MilliporeSigma's Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA) and what it means for the company's journey towards decarbonization. You'll also learn about new and novel approaches like aggregation and what experts are doing with background operations to help drive toward the goal of climate neutrality.

Improving Medical Care in the Black Community With Family Health Histories

Why creating a family health history tree can help build trust and empower you to be your own voice in the doctor’s office

For a lot of families, talking about health issues may not be something typically brought up at the dinner table—or a family reunion.

“There were reservations about talking about the family history,” says Ruby Holmes, senior specialist in clinical data management at Merck. “It’s one of those things that just didn’t get talked about a lot until something happened or someone was very sick.”

Holmes, a 68-year-old African American breast cancer survivor, says that when she was growing up, trips to the doctor ‘wasn’t something that was done on a regular basis.’


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