Grassroots Sustainability Education for Children in Mexico

by Richard Lakin

A large ceiba tree shades the center courtyard of the Ceiba Pentandra Park in Mérida, Mexico. The Mayans called the ceiba tree Yaaxché, and believed that it connected the underworld, the earthly realm, and the skies.

Mexico Toughens Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Laws.


With some very high profile cases coming out of the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Department of Justice (DOJ, in regard to corruption and bribery, countries are seeing how having regulations that mimic those of the FCPA and UK. Bribery Act is catching companies that are conducting business unethically.

Citi Celebrates 10th Annual Global Community Day as More Than 77,000 Volunteers Mobilize to Serve Nearly 500 Cities Around the World

Annual Event Contributed More than Two Million Hours of Service Since Launch
Press Release

New York, June 15, 2015 /3BL Media/ – Today Citi celebrates its 10th annual Global Community Day, as more than 77,000 Citi volunteers in 487 cities spanning 93 countries and territories engage in service activities to benefit their local communities. In the days leading up to and including Global Community Day, Citi colleagues, alumni, clients, family and friends worked side-by-side on more than 1,200 service projects ranging from urban revitalization to literacy and education, career readiness, environmental conservation and disaster relief.

Abriendo Oportunidades en Nuestras Comunidades - Opening Opportunities in our Communities

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Cerca de nuestra mina Peñasquito se encuentra la comunidad de Palmas Grandes, donde seis mujeres madres de familia, apoyadas por la mina, decidieron salir más allá de su casa y realizar la apertura de una panadería que cambiará la calidad de vida de sus familias y de su comunidad. Nuestra visión: Juntos, Creando Valor Sustentable, nos permite llevar desarrollo a las comunidades donde vivimos y trabajamos, ejemplo de esto es la apertura de este proyecto productivo.

Dreams Realized in Some of Mexico’s Poorest Indigenous Communities

Solar panels energize Mexican communities for the first time

Solar panels energize Mexican communities for the first time

TransCanada provides the energy that North American’s use every day. Most of us enjoy our lifestyles of convenience because we haven’t known it to be any other way. We are able to turn our lights on with the flick of a switch.

Some remote communities in Mexico near TransCanada’s El Encino-Topolobampo pipeline project are experiencing power for the first time as a result of local investments made by TransCanada.

New Markets. New Opportunities.

by Rajesh Subramaniam

MINT. Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, Turkey. Or maybe it’s CIVETS. Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa. Either way, for anyone engaged in international business, ‘CIVETS’ and ‘MINT’ are both increasingly shorthand for taking the long view. Rich with possibilities, these young, vibrant new economies are just starting to flex their muscles, but by 2050 many are projected to make up the top 20 contributors to global GDP.

Bloomberg Americas Monetary Summit

Event Information and Excerpts from Michael R. Bloomberg

Michael R. Bloomberg hosted Bloomberg’s first-ever Americas Monetary Summit, featuring Central Bank leaders from Canada, Chile, Colombia, Peru and the United States. Brazil’s Finance Minister also spoke.

These policy makers shared their economic forecasts for 2015-2016, and strategies to boost growth, handle inflation and create more jobs amid a shifting global environment.


The Story Behind Fair Trade

You've seen them on coffee and chocolate, but Fair Trade labels are popping on 500 million-plus pounds of produce nationwide. What exactly do they mean?

No doubt you've seen Fair Trade labels on coffee, chocolate, and tea, but the certification is also popping up on honey, agave, quinoa, rice, sugar, apparel, and fruits and veggies. While you may pat yourself on the back when you throw any kind of produce into your grocery cart, reaching for Fair Trade Certified produce could be an even healthier pick for you, the environment, and the farmers who produce the food you eat. 

Farmworker Awareness Week: Do You Know Who Picks Your Produce?


It’s National Farmworker Awareness Week, a time to remember that 85 percent of the fruits and vegetables we eat here in the U.S. are hand-picked. That’s right — the healthy veggies for our healthy lifestyles, sweet fruits for snack-time and even the flowers that brighten our tables. Farmworkers across the globe are out in the fields from dawn to dusk, working hard to feed the world. But at what cost?


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