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Own Your Impact: Actions to Stand up for Human Rights


This blog is posted on behalf of Mike McDonnell, Supply Chain Sustainability Senior Manager. Mike has been assessing supplier risks including human rights violations and environmental impact for more than 8 of his 23 years at Intel. He is dedicated to continuously improving Intel’s supply chain for the workers in it.

Panel Discussion: Why Taking a Risk With External Partners Can Be Good Business


In today’s business environment, every organization must take risks to thrive and grow in uncertainty. The big question is: What is the risk appetite and how much exposure is acceptable and manageable? As our business ecosystems expand and integrate further with emerging interdependencies, that question holds added importance for the many parties with whom we interact.

Intel's Mike McDonnell, Sr. Manager Supply Chain Sustainability joined Gartner for a webinar to discuss how Intel is determining risk in its supply chain to fight modern slavery.

How Intel Uses Its Supply Chain to Fight Modern Slavery

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We've worked with suppliers to build a strong system to detect and address forced and bonded labor in our supply chain. Our policies require no employee passports to be withheld and no fees charged to workers to obtain or keep their employment. To date, these policies have resulted in $14 million in fees returned by suppliers to workers.

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