California Governor Jerry Brown and Michael Bloomberg Launch “America’s Pledge”

Will compile and quantify efforts from U.S. states, cities, businesses and other actors to address climate change in alignment with the Paris Agreement
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NEW YORK, July 12, 2017 /3BL Media/– Today, California Governor Jerry Brown and Michael Bloomberg launched America’s Pledge on climate change, a new initiative to compile and quantify the actions of states, cities and businesses in the United States to drive down their greenhouse gas emissions consistent with the goals of the Paris Agreement.

U.S. Cities, States and Businesses Pledge to Measure Emissions


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A coalition of American states, cities and businesses that have pledged to stick with the Paris climate pact will team up with experts to quantify their climate commitments and share their plans with the United Nations, vowing to act in spite of the Trump administration’s exit from the accord.

How Trump is (accidentally) Making America Green Again

‘City leaders are now teaming up across the nation to provide an alternative power channel, away from Washington’

When President Donald Trump announced America’s withdrawal from the Paris climate change accord, the decision horrified many observers, both within the US and beyond. John Hickenlooper, the Democratic governor of Colorado, was among them. “Abandoning this climate deal is like ripping off your parachute when you should be pulling the ripcord,” Hickenlooper declared, using the pithy turn of phrase for which he is renowned.

Mike Bloomberg Announces $200 Million American Cities Initiative at the U.S. Conference of Mayors


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The following is the text of Mike Bloomberg’s speech as prepared on Monday June 26th, 2017.

“Thank you Manny, and good afternoon, everyone! We’re lucky to have Manny as a Board Member at Bloomberg Philanthropies, and I want to thank him and Miami Beach Mayor Phil Levine for welcoming us here.

At European Parliament in Brussels, Mike Bloomberg: U.S. Will Meet Our Paris Commitment


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“Thank you, Linda McAvan for that introduction. I want to thank you and David McAllister and the Conference of Committee Chairs for giving me the opportunity to address you here in the European Parliament on climate change. And let me begin by thanking you for your leadership on climate change at a time when we all need to pull together for our common good.

Better Market Information Can Help Combat Climate Change

Clarity would allow businesses to benefit from the transition to a low-carbon economy

Markets do more than help nations prosper. They can help solve our most pressing problems. Case in point: climate change. Financial markets have the potential to improve our prospects for tackling climate change, but only if we make climate risks and opportunities more transparent. Public policy, technology and consumer preferences are advancing, but this backdrop is complex and dynamic. Climate policy can be made and unmade, disruptive technologies can create and destroy value. Along with analysis of wider market conditions, investors need accurate data.

Coal: New Film Shows How Bad It Is For Your Health


Is America in an unhealthy relationship with coal? Without someone's help, it can be difficult to objectively assess a relationship that you are in and decide whether to continue. Consider then From the Ashesa new documentary film premiering on the National Geographic channel this Sunday (June 25 at 9 pm ET), a relationship counselor.


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