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Does Modern Agriculture Hold the Solution to Hunger, Poverty and Climate Change?

By Dion McBay

Farming is part of who I am. I am passionate about advancing and advocating for modern agriculture.  From my early days spent on our family farm in rural Tennessee and throughout a career devoted entirely to agriculture, the farm has played a major role in shaping how I view the world.

Monsanto Announces Significant Progress on Commitments in 2017 Sustainability Report


Monsanto Company has released its 2017 Sustainability Report, Growing Better Together. The report demonstrates Monsanto’s commitment to sustainability and details the company’s progress against all of its goals including improving irrigation water efficiency which has the potential to save up to 80 billion gallons of water each year.  

Shop Local? Why Healthy Soil Matters

By Laura K. Wise

If you live in a large city, you likely have the luxury to head to the grocery store or farmer’s market of your choice to buy produce. Whether you need sweet potatoes for your holiday yams recipe or kale to prepare meals for the upcoming work week, you rely on the fact that the items that you want are there waiting. It can be easy to forget how robust the global agriculture industry is that grows the food that we’ve become accustomed to buying on demand.

Monsanto on Track to Become Carbon Neutral, Demonstrates Environmental Benefits of Modern Agriculture

Company cuts greenhouse gas emissions by more than 200,000 metric tons, expects portfolio approach to accelerate future reductions
Press Release

ST. LOUIS, November 17, 2017 /3BL Media/ - As society, businesses and governments around the world face the complex challenges associated with climate change, Monsanto Company today announced at COP23 significant progress toward making its operations carbon neutral by 2021, a commitment it made in December 2015.

Reasons to Believe: Modern Agriculture and Climate Action

By Pam Strifler

For at least 10,000 years, agriculture has been central to the way people live. Yet across that immense span of time, there probably has been no time when the enterprise of growing our food has been more crucial to the world than right now.

Agriculture in the Anthropocene: The Challenge is the Solution

By Thomas Schueneman

“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”
-Winston Churchill, The River War

And this isn’t the only challenge the agriculture sector faces in the coming decades. The world’s farmers not only must feed a growing population, but also cope with a rapidly changing climate.

Monsanto Makes the Adoption Experience Easier for Employees

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption ranks Top 100 employers annually

Each year the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption ranks the nation’s Top 100 Best Adoption-Friendly Workplaces.

Throughout November, National Adoption Month, we are sharing the adoption stories from our top adoption-friendly partners. This year Monsanto was 71st on the list and shared one employee’s adoption journey.

Anik is a scientist for Monsanto and told the Foundation that Monsanto’s benefits made the entire journey easier.

The Next Quarter Century’s Organic Marketplace: Insights from Stonyfield Farm's Gary Hirshberg


In 1977, during the heyday of the emerging “alternative energy” movement, I attended a solar greenhouse conference where I remember one of our little tribe’s pioneers opined about how much less exciting the solar “revolution” was going to be when it finally went mainstream. “I know what’s going to happen,” architect Steve Baer of Zomeworks pronounced – “solar collectors are going to be advertised in Sears newspaper inserts! I’m going to hate it but I’ll know we have arrived.”

Uncovering Mother Nature’s Dirty Secrets to Improve Harvests


I want to let you in on some of Mother Nature’s dirtiest secrets. They’ve been sneaking around for centuries helping us to make all sorts of delicious foods and beverages. But today, we’re digging deeper to put them to work to help farmers grow healthier crops.


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