Sands ECO360: Sustainable Food Sourcing

Reimagined conference cuisine and responsible food trends

The Sands ECO360 global sustainability strategy is designed to help minimize our environmental impact. It reflects our vision to lead the way in sustainable building development and resort operations. Driven by an aspirational idea, made possible through the dedication and hard work of our Team Members, we continue our journey to a more sustainable future.

Reimagining Conference Cuisine

At Las Vegas Sands, we host hundreds of events and serve millions of conference goers around the clock and across the globe. 

GreenMoney's Annual Videos Issue on ESG & CSR


As the award-winning GreenMoney Journal ( ) wraps up its 25th Anniversary Year of publishing relevant news on sustainable business and impact investing, we bring you our 3rd Annual All-Videos Issue. We’ve selected films from innovative leaders in the interconnected worlds of Impact Investing, Corporate Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability. I hope you find them as engaging as we do.  - Cliff Feigenbaum, founder/publisher

How One Farm is Harnessing Waste to Improve Soil Health and Put the Best Mushrooms on Your Pizza

The growers at Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms are part of an awesome cycle of care

By Ryan Riddle, MS

When you take a bite of a hot slice of California Pizza Kitchen’s Mushroom and Green Onion pizza, you’re surely not thinking of mushroom farms, organic soil and sustainability.

Next time, perhaps you will.

Cultivating Opportunity: Growing Mushrooms

Multimedia with summary

Denise Morrison, President and CEO of Campbell’s Soup Company shares how Enactus students in China are transforming coffee grounds into fertile grounds. To learn more visit:


About Enactus

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