Looking Back and Moving Forward: Hispanic Heritage Month and the Latinx STEM Gap


Hispanic and Latinx cultures have helped define American society for centuries. Yet today there’s an immense demographic gap in the Latinx community in STEM-related fields. With the impact that this proud, diverse culture has had on the United States, why don’t we see more members of the Latinx community in STEM? While there’s a variety of factors that contribute to this gap, the solutions are fairly straightforward.

Context to Hispanic Heritage Month

Catalyzing Innovation to Advance Racial Equity


This blog was posted on behalf of Pia Wilson-Body, Intel Foundation President and XPRIZE Foundation Racial Equity Alliance Brain Trust Member. She shares her conversation with guest Anousheh Ansari, CEO of XPRIZE Foundation.

At Intel, Inclusion Comes From Seeing Value in Each Person

by Carolina Milanesi

"What is the business value of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)? Well, the business value of DEI is the value of the people you are hiring. So naturally, you want the best and the brightest. Of course, all companies want the best and the brightest. So how do we value those people when we've secured them?" asks Dawn Jones, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer (CDIO) and Vice President of Social Impact at Intel, as we come together to discuss inclusive culture at Intel.

Intel Employee Volunteers and U.S. Olympic Athletes Join Together for Virtual Girls Steam Camp

By Pia Wilson-Body, President, Intel Foundation

It isn’t often that we get to see into the future, but that is exactly what I had the chance to do this past month. With support from Intel’s Olympic and Paralympic Office, the Intel® Future Skills team and Intel Employee Service Corps (IESC) volunteers hosted two three-day virtual sports STEAM camps for middle school girls from 35 states across the country. And the experience reminded us all that the future is bright.

Intel Launches AI for Workforce Program for Students in 18 Community Colleges

Intel’s artificial intelligence degree program helps create the next generation of US technologists, engineers and inventors.

What’s New: Intel is announcing a major expansion of its Intel® AI for Workforce Program to help educate the next generation of U.S. technologists, engineers and inventors — and to help them land careers in their chosen fields, ranging from healthcare to nursing to business. To support the expansion of the program across the U.S., Intel is collaborating with Dell Technologies to provide technical and infrastructure expertise. Students who complete the program, which is being added at 18 schools across 11 U.S.

The Technology Solution to the Power Grid's Battle With Climate Change

By Mike Bates | Worldwide general manager for energy, Intel Corporation

When the Texas power crisis hit in February, my family and I were among the millions of people stuck in a deadly blackout in freezing temperatures because of a massive electricity generation failure. Certain areas of the grid, like hospitals, remained illuminated to support critical infrastructure, but this also meant that nearby empty skyscrapers kept power that otherwise could have been redirected to residents in their homes and others who needed it.

Gaming Survey Provides Data on Diversity and Inclusion Among Players


To understand and identify diversity and inclusion’s role in gaming activities, Intel partnered with Newzoo, a leading provider of games and esports analytics.

Intel's Nivruti Rai Shares Her Recipe for Success


With a creative mind that loves number crunching and as a self-proclaimed risk-taker, Nivruti Rai has recently been featured among the five global women business leaders chosen by the Leading Edge. The Leading Edge is an initiative launched by the Reykjavík Global Forum – Women Leaders to celebrate and amplify the work of women who are fostering economic growth and social change.

Creating Opportunity: Stella Su on Leading the Women @ Intel Network


In Stella Su’s family growing up, girls were not encouraged to study. The prospect of college was never brought up in her family. But even as a child, she was always curious about the world and her place in it.

“I remember pestering my parents with questions like “Can I move to the city?” and “Can I live in another country?” and would always be reminded that I was a girl and it was dangerous.

Fluid Foundations: How Brian Faist's Career Helping the Environment Started With a Prank Gone Horribly Wrong


Growing up in Portland, Oregon, sustainability was always central to Brian Faist’s upbringing. His family had a small garden, consistently recycled, and even competed against each other to see who could produce the least amount of trash. But even though he was raised with a fundamental appreciation for the importance of sustainability, it wasn’t something he necessarily planned on turning into a career.

In fact, his career in sustainability was born out of a prank gone wrong.


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