“It Was Important for Me to Not Hide This Part of My Identity.”


When I came to work at Intel, I was a contingent worker, and my partner at the time was a full-time Intel employee. Intel was offering insurance to same-sex couples for the first time. It was empowering, it was revolutionary, and it helped me make the decision to be open and honest from that point forward. So, in 1999, I came out at Intel. Read my story here.

The ‘Child of the Dump’ From ‘Girl Rising’ Is Now a College Grad


When it opened in March 2013, the Intel-backed film “Girl Rising” helped kickstart a global movement around a mission to ensure that girls around the world are educated and empowered.

What you might not remember is, as part of that effort, Intel invested further by partnering with local non-governmental agencies (NGOs) to ensure each of the nine girls in the film — and many of their siblings — continued to receive quality education.

In honor of International Day of the Girl, we caught up with one of the nine girls featured in the film. So where are they now?

Reinforcing Our Responsibility to Sustainability

Intel is committed to building technology and products while leaving a positive impact in our communities

By Ann Kelleher

Intel Honored for Responsible Supply Chain at Ethical Corporation's Responsible Business Awards

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At this year's Responsible Business Awards, Intel won the Responsible Supply Chain Award for its ground-breaking work on human rights in the supply chain, particularly in tackling and abolishing recruitment fees.

How My Latinx Upbringing Made Me a Better Leader

Chief people officer at Intel Sandra Rivera reflects on growing up Hispanic and what that taught her about business success.

By Sandra Rivera

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: The Journey to Becoming an Engineer


Karla Bracamonte, a Mexican immigrant, worked as a custodian at Arizona State University. One day, she walked past a whiteboard with unfinished algebraic equations written on it.

“I turned to my coworker at the time and I told them, ‘I can do this,’” Bracamonte said.

Realizing her talent, a professor and her coworkers encouraged her to apply for classes at ASU, where university staff could get discounts on tuition. However, as a first-generation college student with very little understanding of English, she had barriers to overcome.

Intel Receives 2019 ASCM Corporate Award of Excellence for Making an Impact on the World

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Intel was recognized with the 2019 Award of Excellence – Making an Impact from the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM), the global leader in supply chain learning, transformation, innovation and leadership. Pictured at center: Intel Director, Mani Janakiram accepted the award at the ASCM 2019 conference.

Intel Brings First WiSci Girls STEAM Camp to the U.S.

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WiSci (Women in science) Girls STEAM Camp brings together a group of girls, from middle school or high school, who have the same mindset for learning essential STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) skills. Important skills include understanding their core values, presenting themselves professionally, and cultivating speaking skills.

Learn more here

About Intel

EPA Honors Intel for Sustained Excellence in Green Power

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Intel recently received a 2019 Green Power Leadership Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The annual awards serve to recognize the leading actions of organizations, programs, and individuals that significantly advance the development of green power sources. The EPA presented Intel with the Sustained Excellence in Green Power Use award at the 2019 Renewable Energy Markets Conference in San Diego, CA.

Intel was honored for the following efforts:

Panel Discussion: Why Taking a Risk With External Partners Can Be Good Business


In today’s business environment, every organization must take risks to thrive and grow in uncertainty. The big question is: What is the risk appetite and how much exposure is acceptable and manageable? As our business ecosystems expand and integrate further with emerging interdependencies, that question holds added importance for the many parties with whom we interact.

Intel's Mike McDonnell, Sr. Manager Supply Chain Sustainability joined Gartner for a webinar to discuss how Intel is determining risk in its supply chain to fight modern slavery.


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