How Northeast Businesses Can Prepare for an Uncertain Summer


Energy planning for summer always requires careful analysis. This year, COVID-19 adds a new wrinkle, making planning even more complex.

We’re seeing unusual electric demand patterns in the Northeast as a result of social distancing:

Despite Progress, Northeast not on Track for Carbon Emissions Goals

by Mike Calviou

New York and all six states in New England have aggressive, long-term, economy-wide CO2 emission reduction targets, with five having set a goal of reducing emissions 80% from 1990 levels by 2050. According to the most recent data, the Northeast has achieved a 16% economy-wide reduction from that benchmark.

Time Warner Cable Employee Engagement – Small Events Add Up To Big Impact

Community Connections
Multimedia with summary

With over 10,000 employees spread out across its Northeast footprint, Time Warner Cable employees are committed to those communities in which they live and work. The Northeast markets are very diverse in terms of geography as well as community needs, and a combination of national and grassroots nonprofit partnerships abound.  The challenge is managing the partnerships and providing a variety of opportunity for those employees spread out across New York State.

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