Sappi North America Celebrates Education Grant at Cloquet Mill

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Minnesota Job Skills Partnership Grant

Sappi and the Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College have received a US $350,000 grant from the Minnesota Job Skills Partnership (MJSP) to develop and implement a Knowledge Management and Training System at Sappi’s Cloquet Mill in Minnesota.

Sappi North America's Environmental Responsibility: Forestry


We approach environmental responsibility from a holistic perspective grounded in life cycle thinking—looking carefully at raw material use, energy generation, manufacturing and the end of life of our products. We work across the supply chain to drive change within our spheres of influence.

Forest Legality and Traceability

Applying a Pattern of Excellence

From research to reality: Meet Neoterix ST

Imagine an innovation that reduces the accumulation of bacteria the moment germs hit a surface by 90–95 percent without the use of toxic chemicals that can lead to the development of resistant organisms. It may sound like something straight out of a science fiction novel, but it’s real—and Sappi paper helps make it possible.

Domtar Sustainability: Transportation and Logistics


We operate a sophisticated, efficient distribution network to move pulp, paper and personal care products using third-party truck, rail, intermodal and ocean vessel transport providers. This focus on efficiency, combined with the geographic diversity of our principal manufacturing and distribution locations, allows us to attract new global customers while managing costs and reducing environmental emissions.

Domtar supports expansion of ports and intermodal terminals to increase the availability of these more efficient modes of transportation.

Sappi North America's Release Business Continues Innovation with First-of-its-Kind Microtexture

How the shark skin-inspired Neoterix ST casting and release paper can transform surfaces
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Through a partnership with Sharklet Technologies Inc. we are taking Ultracast to an entirely new application space—instead of aesthetic textures, the patterns used are functional. While invisible to the human eye, the microscopic Sharklet™ texture imparts the unique ability to inhibit bacterial growth. On traditional antimicrobial surfaces, chemicals are used to kill bacteria.

Infographic: Explore Sappi North America's Innovative Casting and Release Business

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Sappi is the world’s leading supplier of casting and release papers. Our papers create exciting and unique textures on the surface of other materials, including synthetic leathers, coated fabrics, unsupported films and decorative laminates. Release paper imparts both texture and gloss during the fabrication process and is then removed to reveal the textured surface. The resulting materials are incorporated into a wide variety of items, including furniture, shoes, handbags, apparel, automobile interiors, cabinets, countertops and much more! 

Economic Responsibility at Sappi North America

Sustainable Development is Core to Business at Sappi

Sustainable development is core to our business strategy. We balance daily operational focus, whether it be sourcing wood, identifying productivity improvements or fulfilling customer orders, with a long-term view for growth in core markets and expansion through investment in new markets.

Agenda2020 Technology Alliance

Sappi North America's 2016 Sustainability Goals: Prosperity

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At Sappi North America, we are committed to operating our businesses in a sustainable manner. Together with the 2020Vision, Sappi’s global growth strategy, we use our sustainability goals program to set targets, initiate improvement actions and monitor progress.

Achieve or Exceed 12 Percent Return on Net Operating Assets

A Dialogue with Sappi North America's Sustainability Leadership

Jennifer Miller and Laura Thompson discuss emerging issues in sustainable business practices

Q: Sappi North America has made a strategic commitment to forward-looking sustainability practices for nearly ten years. What do you see as the hallmarks of world-class sustainability practice?

A Letter from Sappi North America's CEO and President Mark Gardner

Gardner discusses the state of sustainability at Sappi

In 2016, Sappi North America achieved many important milestones as we continue to transform into a more diversified, sustainable business that meets the needs of our customers, communities, employees and shareholders. As part of the Sappi Limited group, our strong cash generation (EBITDA growth of 18 percent year over year), allowed us to reduce net debt by 20 percent year on year, and our robust balance sheet created a strong platform for growth and re-investment in 2017 and beyond.


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