'Natural Gas is at the Forefront'


Huge opportunities for prosperity

Plentiful natural gas supplies will provide huge opportunities for prosperity in the United States, according to TransCanada’s Senior Vice-President and General Manager, U.S. Natural Gas Pipelines, Stan Chapman, who was one of four featured guests on an energy policy panel discussion yesterday as part of this week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

Columbia Pipeline Acquisition a Game Changer

Natural gas growth opportunities anticipated for years to come

Natural gas growth opportunities anticipated for years to come

As far as TransCanada executive Karl Johannson is concerned, TransCanada’s $13 billion acquisition of Columbia Pipeline Group — completed last week — is a game changer.

One-of-a-Kind Facility Shapes R&D Breakthroughs


They’ve come from UK, Japan, China, Australia and Brazil because it is a ground-breaking piece of equipment – the only one of its type in the world.

They’ve come out to TransCanada’s Gas Dynamic Test Facility, located in Didsbury, Alberta to view the results from a relatively recent addition to TransCanada’s research and development (R&D) program– a $300,000 high pressure shock tube that replicates, with a high degree of accuracy, the events following a rupture in a high-pressure natural gas pipeline.

Delivering the Energy the World Needs, Safely and Reliably


On January 22, 2014, TransCanada announced that the Gulf Coast Project — the safest pipeline ever built on U.S. soil — began delivering crude oil from Cushing, Oklahoma, to state-of-the-art refineries in Texas.

The completion of this US$2.6-billion crude oil pipeline provides a safe and direct connection between the important oil hub in Cushing and delivery points on the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Uniting to Conserve the Waldron Ranch

Conservationists, ranchers and pipelines unite to protect Canada's largest conservation easement

There are places where you’re there and time seems to stand still. You could imagine yourself in 1830 watching a herd of buffalo or a First Nations community moving across the landscape with their horses and travois. Most of it still looks that natural, and it still is that beautiful, to me.

TransCanada Recognized for Leadership in R&D

TransCanada named to Canada's Top 100 Corporate R&D Spenders list

Driving scientific breakthrough takes unwavering perseverance. It’s also something for which TransCanada has been recognized in 2014 after landing a spot on Canada’s Top 100 Corporate R&D Spenders list by Research Infosource Inc., Canada’s Source of R&D Intelligence.

Straight Talk with Nebraska Farmer

Charles Barber has the original Keystone pipeline running through four of his Nebraska farms

As Charles Barber walks over remnants of last autumn’s corn harvest, it’s impossible to tell the existing Keystone Pipeline System runs deep beneath his feet. Since the pipeline began operation in July 2010, more than 600-million barrels of oil have safely traveled through the Keystone pipeline that runs through Barber’s farm.

Helping Communities When Emergencies Strike

TransCanada donates $8,000 towards emergency trailer project in Nebraska/Southwest Iowa Region

A toothbrush, a blanket, a bed, a bandage — things most of us take for granted. But with the unpredictable nature of most emergencies, basic life necessities are often difficult to find when people need them the most.

As a community member, with many staff living and working in the Omaha area, TransCanada has seen first-hand when people are ripped from their homes due to emergencies, such as wildfires, tornadoes, flash floods and blizzards.

TransCanda Kicks Off Safe Digging Month!

Community partnerships help spread the word about safety

Safe Digging Month is here and TransCanada is excited to spread the word about safety!

TransCanada's Public Awareness (PA) team works year-round with industry and community partners to educate stakeholders about living and working near the company's pipelines. The team reaches hundreds of thousands of people annually through PA outreach initiatives, which have recently expanded to include youth as a stakeholder group.


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