LG Turns Up the Volume on its Energy and Climate Strategy


When assessing the carbon footprint of a $45 billion electronics company, thoughts quickly turn to the environmental costs associated with developing, manufacturing and transporting a world’s worth of appliances and high-def televisions.

But what if that same company sought to transform an industry by making energy efficiency the centerpiece of its differentiation strategy?

Lordstown is All-In With LED Lighting & Efficiency


GM’s Lordstown Stamping plant is the first and largest North American GM facility to convert all of its lighting to high-efficiency LED bulbs. The switch will save the plant more than $800,000 overall annually, while reducing CO2 emissions by more than 8,500 tons. This is equivalent to annual energy use of 397 homes.

ManpowerGroup Joins One Billion People in Celebrating Earth Day

World Leader in Innovative Workforce Solutions Committed to Environmental Programs to Balance Profitability with Sustainability
Press Release

MILWAUKEE, April 22, 2013 /3BL Media/ PRNewswire/ -- ManpowerGroup (NYSE: MAN), the world leader in innovative workforce solutions, is committed to supporting environmental programs and reducing waste and energy usage as the world today celebrates Earth Day, when people around the world acknowledge our planet and the many actions taken to protect it.


Why We Should All Care About World Water Day


Did you know that only 2.75 percent of the water on Earth is fresh water and the overwhelming majority is frozen in glaciers? While many of us in the U.S. have water available at any time of the day, 783 million people worldwide lack access to safe, clean drinking water. The statistics are staggering. But the challenge is that if we maintain the status quo and the population grows to 9 Billion by 2050, we'll need 3.5 planet Earths to sustain a global population achieving our current North American lifestyle.

Creating Possibilities: The Industrial Internet and Sustainability

Introduction: The Next Wave Of Innovation?

The Internet has supported an amazing array of innovation, fundamentally changing our lives, from the way we connect with each other to our shopping habits. While some argue that this wave of innovation has largely run its course, we believe that a new wave is just beginning.

Sappi Fine Paper North America Publishes 2012 Sustainability Report

Second Regional Report Outlines Continued Commitments in Sustainability
Press Release

BOSTON, February 5, 2013 /3BL Media/ – Sappi Fine Paper North America announced today the release of its 2012 Sustainability Report, the company's second annual regional report focusing on the company's strong sustainability performance in North America over the past few years.

Sanofi Listed on the DJSI Sustainability World Index

Sanofi is listed on the DJSI Sustainability World Index for 6th Consecutive Year

Numbers can be impressive, but they don’t always tell the whole story. For example, it’s the sixth consecutive year Sanofi has been named to the 2012/2013 Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI), the first and most prestigious assessment of corporate social responsibility.  The deeper story includes the value of our CSR programs – and the people behind them – that contribute to our society.

Leadership in CCSR - Embracing new opportunities


Social Networks and the Internet, with instant communications and access to a vast amount of information, have empowered people around the world to be aware of the needs of the individual, community and the environment. Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are all about empowering a way of life for people to manage their economic welfare by being environment friendly and attentive to the social needs of individuals in the community.

GE's Corporate Citizenship Focuses on Sustainability Efforts That Benefit People, Planet, Economy

Press Release

(3BL Media) September 24, 2012 - GE focuses its citizenship efforts on creating solutions to some of the world’s toughest global challenges. Launched today,  aims to illuminate the Company’s widespread citizenship efforts throughout its businesses and around the globe with a focus on People, Planet and Economy.


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