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Can Better Toilets and Latrines Solve the World’s Sanitation Problem?

Diverse Partners Work to Build a Booming Toilet Business in Ethiopia

"Excuse me. May I use your toilet?”

Despite my not being a paying customer, the restaurant owner directed me toward a doorway at the back of the building. Through the doorway, a woman shucking corn pointed me towards a tarp draped over a piece of wire, less than 20 feet away. I pulled back the ripped tarp to find the toilet—a hole in the ground swarming with flies.

Even Doc Brown Couldn't Predict Taproot+! #BackToTheFuture

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Maybe Doc Brown nailed it with his Back to the Future predictions about video chatting, drones, self-driving cars, and the Cubs in the playoffs (albeit briefly) but Taproot+ was far too futuristic.

Who could have foreseen a time when:

Taproot Foundation Announces That Services Donated by Business Professionals are Valued at $150 Per Hour — a 25% Increase Over 2009 Rates

Taproot Foundation announces a new monetary valuation of pro bono service as part of Pro Bono Week, October 25-31, 2015.
Press Release

October 26, 2015 /3BL Media/ – In celebration of Pro Bono Week, Taproot Foundation announces that the 2015 standard for the value of pro bono service has increased 25% to $150 per hour. The $150 valuation defines the average, per hour value of time donated by business professionals to nonprofit organizations through pro bono services including expertise in marketing, strategic planning, HR, and IT. This study was developed in partnership with CECP, a coalition of 150 CEOs of the world’s largest compa

Want to Use Your Business Skills to Fight Hunger?

The Taproot Foundation and ConAgra Foods Foundation are looking for strategic business professionals to join the fight against hunger in a whole new way, by donating your time and expertise for a greater good.

Interested in making a meaningful impact in the fight against hunger without even leaving your desk? Your professional skills—in marketing, web development, business strategy, HR, IT and so many others—could provide a nonprofit organization with just the right expertise to help them better serve thousands of hungry Americans. 

Taproot Foundation Receives Renewed Grant from Chicago Community Trust

A longstanding partnership to build capacity in Chicago's nonprofit sector
Press Release

Chicago, IL, October 20, 2015 /3BL Media/ - The Taproot Foundation is pleased to announce it has received a $35,000 grant from the Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust to fund general operations. Support from the Chicago Community Trust will allow Taproot to expand their work in the local market, ensuring that Chicago’s nonprofit sector has full access to pro bono resources necessary to build strong organizational infrastructure.

Pro Bono Perspectives: Anmol Mehra


We all know that skills-based volunteering is a great idea for companies, its people and, most importantly, the nonprofits that deliver critical services every day to our communities.  Still, whether you’re excited to bring a skills-based volunteer program to your company, become a skills-based volunteer yourself or find professionals to help move your nonprofit organization to the next stage, it can be hard to figure out how to take that first step in making SBV a truly effective resource for you! 

The CSR Scoop - 9/18/2015


Common Impact is buzzing this Friday in advance of our 15th Anniversary celebration next week and that launch of Pro Bono Perspectives, a new resource to support companies and nonprofits in working together to solve complex community challenges.  Stay tuned for the pro bono party!

Pro Bono Service - Just works!


When the iPad was released in 2010, the world knew: Tablet computing had arrived.

Before then, there were just too many problems with tablets… limited battery life, overheating, slow processing speed, and awkward interfaces. The iPad fixed those problems, creating a pleasant user experience. It just worked.


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