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Tips to Design Your Pro Bono Program

At the 2015 VolunteerMatch Summit, Charles Schwab joined a panel discussion about transforming the traditional volunteer day into a pro bono day of service.

By Amanda Lenaghan

Charles Schwab has a culture of service. Every year, thousands of Schwab employees volunteer in their communities through financial education programs, Schwab Volunteer Week, and our new Schwab Pro Bono Challenge. At the 2015 VolunteerMatch Summit, we were excited to generate a dialog about high-impact volunteering and share our learnings with other companies interested in creating an impactful pro bono program.

How a Hackathon Led to Real-World Solutions for Found Animals Foundation


Hackathons have become a popular pro bono volunteer event model– bringing together a group of people to use their creative skills and technology know-how to solve problems in a short amount of time. Participants make new connections, learn new skills, feel like they make a difference, and typically vie for a prize and bragging rights for the winning idea (which doesn’t hurt!).

LinkedIn’s $18.6 Million In-Kind Gift to Help Nonprofits Attract Skilled Volunteers

Partnership between VolunteerMatch and LinkedIn for Good Furthers Skilled Volunteerism

LinkedIn renews commitment to social sector and the promise of skilled volunteering

A Cross-Sector Approach to Closing the Gender Gap

by Danielle Holly

Anyone who works in the nonprofit sector knows that women make up a significant part of the its workforce and leadership – until you get to the top.

Taproot+ Webinar, Mar 2: What's the Best Way to Get Skilled Volunteers for Your Nonprofit?

Business professionals like Bruno Querenet are on Taproot+ looking to donate their time and expertise to nonprofits

Bruno Querenet has donated 80 hours of pro bono service through Taproot+.

What Does it Mean to Engage Tech Talent in Pro Bono?


It’s a hot topic in the Bay Area, and it feels like you can hardly cross the street without hearing about a tech company launching their 'For Good’ efforts. This is certainly an inspiring trend to watch happen - and for many, also leads to lots of questions. Who at these companies are doing ‘for good’ work and quite importantly, for whom?

About Helping Nonprofits Focus on their Social Missions

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Learn about, the corporate citizenship arm of NetSuite, and our commitment to nonprofits and social enterprises around the world through product donations and employee volunteer programs.


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