The 9 Sustainability Innovations of Nespresso


The following nine innovations demonstrate Nespresso’s commitment to creating positive change for the farmer communities which supply its high quality coffee, the environment in which it operates and the people it interacts with - from farmer to consumer. They also help to underpin the company’s growth strategy as it considers how and where it can create the most sustainable value and build for long-term success in the face of tough global challenges, such as climate change.

1. A unique sourcing model that embeds sustainability

Real Estate Should Boost Productivity, Not Thwart It

by Richard Barkham, Global Chief Economist at CBRE

The state of the “productive” worker in the United States is at an interesting crossroads.

Measuring What Matters

Improved productivity, reduction of CO2 emissions

Allen DeClerk, marketing consultant in Caterpillar’s Advanced Components and Systems Division, is part of the team that brought Caterpillar’s machine drive power (MDP) system technology to market. The benefits to our earthworks construction customers are substantial, including, on specific customer project examples, productivity increases in the compaction process and corresponding CO2 emissions reductions, of up to 70 percent. 

Healthy Space for Healthy People

By David Lázaro Rodrigo Energy and Sustainability Consultant, at CBRE
The biggest outlay for most commercial property occupiers is the cost of staff. In fact, it is estimated that 86% of operational cost is spent on employee salaries and associated benefits. Break this down and the space provided, particularly its quality, is of upmost importance. Simply, the workspace has a direct impact on productivity, talent retention and levels of absenteeism. 

Coffee – The Secret Ingredient for Increased Productivity?


According to Statistic Brain, coffee, fresh brewed and fragrant, is enjoyed by 100 million Americans every day—and 25% drink more than 13 cups each week. Our caffeinated nation’s productivity outpaces all other countries, and though this can’t be directly correlated to coffee consumption, it’s probably a contributing factor.  While I’m not a huge coffee drinker, I can tell you that a little surge of caffeine boosts my output and really keeps me alert, both physically and mentally.

Taking a Mindful Approach to Business can Improve Performance


Deborah Hecker
Vice President, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, Sodexo

There is an enormous payoff when employees bring their whole selves to work. A culture where employees are fully engaged drives productivity and performance. But what happens when stress, anxiety and lack of focus interfere with work?

How to Improve Safety, Accuracy and Productivity with Mobility

Aberdeen Report Identifies Benefits of Mobility That Extend Beyond Safety

Mobility can be a powerful tool in the right hands. It saves operator time and bolsters labor productivity, provides a system of record with one-to-one accuracy verification, and limits incidents by granting employees access to data in real-time. However, there is more to a mobile initiative than giving an employee a mobile device and sending them on their way: they must have access to the right tools, and you must focus on the right areas of Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) to get the most out of your efforts. 

The New Years Brain Crave Conundrum

How to create lasting change for sustainable productivity

Here we are, two weeks into the new year with all our New Years resolutions. I’m not sure where the origin of the New Year resolution comes from, but I’ve always thought it was strange that January 1st is viewed as the “saving grace” for all the debauchery that takes place the year before or more specifically, the night before. The last few weeks of 2013 are typically spent over-indulging and under-performing because we know, come 2014, we will dedicate our time to cleanse our mind and bodies and fully commit to GSD’ing (get shit done…ing).


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