How To Bring Purpose and Meaning Into Goal Setting


The corporate Social Impact sector is obsessed with purpose. Does the company have a purpose? Do employees know the purpose of the company? Do they buy into it? Do our “insides match our outsides”? These questions became more prevalent at the outset of the global pandemic in 2020 and have continued to be a focal point in a churning economic and sociopolitical environment. Let’s throw in another question: what about meaning?

12+ Insights on Embedding & Activating Purpose in Your Organization

Leaders from Biogen, Bissell, Tata Consultancy Services shared their advice at the Conference Board Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy Toolbox

By: Carol Cone

Barkley and Jefferies Release 2022 Brand Purpose Report: Purpose Up | Doubling Down in Tough Times

New research shows 96% of consumers say buying from purpose-led brands is as important today as 12 months ago despite rising inflation rates and likely recession
Press Release

October 11, 2022 /3BL Media/ - Independent creative idea company Barkley released its third annual report Purpose Up | Doubling Down in Tough Times, a joint research study with Jefferies.

Purpose 360: Purpose Under Pressure

Multimedia with summary

Purpose has proven to be a solution for a major business challenge: The Great Resignation.

The pandemic has given us a lot to think about. Employees are rearranging their priorities to pursue greater meaning (and values-alignment) in their work, placing significant new demands on their employers.

Purpose 360: Ambassador of Hope With Andre Norman

Multimedia with summary

Andre Norman’s early life put him on a path to prison. He worked his way up to being one of the top gang leaders in the Massachusetts prison system and, when presented with the opportunity to be Number One, he had an epiphany that he was the King of Nowhere.

Purpose 360: Reimagining the Possible With PwC

Multimedia with summary

“We are about our people, but we are a people business. That's what we do. We don't sell widgets. We are people and people have changed. What people desire has changed over the course of time. We have needed to dig into that to have an appreciation of what people wanted and the way in which they worked. And the motivations for working a hundred years ago are different than they are now.”

Corporate Conversations on Purpose Continues With Episodes Focused on Stakeholders

Business Leaders Translating Purpose into Business Success
Press Release

June 29, 2022 /3BL Media/ - Purpose is the new frontier for performance and competitive advantage in today's ever-changing and ever-challenging business landscape.

Phil Preston, CEO of The Business Purpose Project and Lynne Filderman, Founder of Curation On Purpose LLC are pleased to announce the release of the next three installments Corporate Conversations on Purpose (CCoP), a series of 30-minute virtual conversations with business leaders and advisers who offer their expertise and candid insights into navigating purpose-based transformation.

Purpose Under Pressure: Employees Have Spoken. Is Your Company Listening?

Purpose can be critical to stability and retention during times of crisis

Purpose Under Pressure, released jointly by Carol Cone ON PURPOSE, The Harris Poll, and Allison+Partners, examines the benefits of a strong Purpose during periods of volatility, as well as how Purpose can help create more resilient organizations to face ongoing business, operational and societal challenges. Purpose Under Pressure explores how corporate Purpose – the reason a company exists beyond profits – drives employees’ decision-making and overall buy-in.

Defining Purpose: Any Road Will Take You There, If You Don't Know Where (or Why) You're Going


CSR, ESG, social impact, corporate citizenship … The more accepted “purpose” becomes as a core business strategy, the more challenging it becomes to define “it.” Over my 30-plus years of shaping the practice of linking businesses with social and environmental issues, I’ve seen many phrases used (and misused).

New Episodes of “Corporate Conversations on Purpose”

Business Leaders Focus on Purpose and ESG Through Different Prisms
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April 28, 2022 /3BL Media/ - Purpose is the new frontier for performance and competition in today's business landscape and failing to adapt means companies will struggle to remain competitive in their markets. 

Phil Preston, CEO of The Business Purpose Project and Lynne Filderman, Founder of Curation On Purpose LLC are pleased to announce the second installment of their virtual production, Corporate Conversations on Purpose, a series of 30-minute virtual conversations with business leaders who offer their expertise and candid insights in navigating purpose-based transformations.


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