OSRPs in Washington State: Three Lessons Learned to Help Inform Other State Implementations


Antea Group recently developed oil spill response plans for several railroads in Washington State looking to maintain compliance with Chapter 173-186 of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC). In the process, we learned several lessons that other rail lines can apply as they plan for the implementation of similar regulations in other states. Read the top three lessons on our website.

Oil Spill Response Planning in the Pacific Northwest


Antea Group is currently working with several railroads in the state of Washington to support their compliance with Chapter 173-186 WAC and develop Oil Spill Contingency Plans.  

The Importance of Local Knowledge When Preparing an Oil Spill Response Plan

What to Know About New OSRP Regulations

Comprehensive Oil Spill Response Plans (OSRPs) have been required for many years for containers with a capacity of 42,000 gallons or more. The goal of these comprehensive OSRPs was to detail specific response requirements in the event of a spill and ensure the transporter had plans and training in place to respond.

Moving Forward: Rail Safety During the “Century of Cities”


As people continue to be drawn to cities, there is a need and opportunity to increase the focus on safety in densely populated areas, including buildings and walkways near rail crossings and tracks. CSX’s approach to safety is multifaceted – and one critical aspect is keeping communities aware of how to stay safe around the railroad, especially if it is near where they live and work.

Some of the highlights from CSX’s community safety efforts in 2015 include:

How 7 Different Industries Benefit from EHS & Sustainability Consulting


When it comes to designing, implementing and managing EHS and sustainability programs, each industry faces unique requirements, challenges and opportunities. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, and many companies find they lack the resources or expertise to create programs that meet compliance and add business value.

If this is what you’re experiencing as you work to implement or refine your company’s programs, enlisting the help of an EHS and sustainability consultant may provide the direction and helping hands you’re looking for.

Riding the Rails to Environmental Compliance: A Railroaders Guide to Regulatory Requirements

Multimedia with summary

Antea Group consultants Dean Krebs, Phil Gilchrist, and Tim Larson presented and moderated a session on environmental compliance at the 2016 ASLRRA Connections Convention. Topics included EPA regulations, SWPPPs, FRPs, SPCCs, C-plans, air quality, a case study, and lessons learned. 

A Primer on OSHA Regulations for Railroads

Multimedia with summary

Antea Group Project Manager Annie Richardson presented on current and upcoming OSHA regulations pertinent to railroads at the recent ASLRRA Connections Convention in Washington DC. Her presentation includes an overview of how OSHA regulates the rail industry, a summary of current regulations and a look at pending regulatory activity, and tips for planning for success in complying with OSHA regulations.

Antea Group Segment Showcase Pages Now on LinkedIn


Antea Group is excited to roll out our brand-new segment showcase pages on LinkedIn. Hopefully you are already connected with Antea Group's company page, and now these showcase pages will allow you to dig deeper into the industries you care about with content and links specificially geared toward the field.

CN Releases 2015 Sustainability Report


CN today issued its fifth sustainability report, Delivering Responsibly, outlining the company’s programs and achievements in safety, corporate governance, community involvement, human resources and environmental sustainability. 

“CN has intensified its commitment to build a sustainable future,” said Luc Jobin, CN executive vice-president and chief financial officer. “I am proud to say sustainability is an integral part of our business strategy touching all aspects of our operation. CN’s long-term success depends on running a safe, sustainable railroad.”


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