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Ray C. Anderson Foundation Blog: Ecocentricity - August

My family was almost out of sight.  If I had shouted, I’m pretty sure they would have heard me, but in the vast expanse of that Colorado valley, I can’t be positive.  Even if they could have, it would have taken them awhile to get to me.

Ray C. Anderson Foundation Blog - Ecocentricity - September

I haven’t bought the t-shirt yet, but I probably should go ahead and do it.  I mean, I’m here enough.  And a stack of them is right there, 25 feet from where I write this.  They’re snazzy too; gray with yellow script lettering that says “Taproom” above a depiction of the establishment’s iconic feature – the “Beerspresso,” an espresso machine that has been modified into a beer tower featuring 12 amazing craft beers.

Ray C. Anderson Foundation Blog: Ecocentricity - October

I could have been a goat herder.
No, seriously.  Have you ever herded goats?  I have.  For about 15 minutes.  And I enjoyed every single bit of it. I’d have stayed there all day, just herding goats, if I could have.

Ray C. Anderson Foundation and Biomimicry Institute Announce Biomimicry Global Design Challenge and $100,000 Ray of Hope Prize

Press Release

November 13, 2014 /3BL Media/ - For years, the Biomimicry Institute and founder Janine Benyus have asked, “How can nature-inspired design solve the world’s most pressing problems?”  The Biomimicry Institute and partner Ray C.

Ray C. Anderson Foundation Blog: Ecocentricity - November


I had the best wing-woman a person could hope for.  Dianne Dillon-Ridgley is a rock star, a long-time environmental activist, and a dear friend of Ray’s, and I got to sit next to her.  Take that, world.


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