Red Lake Gold Mines

Red Lake Partners to Achieve Research and Development Results


Goldcorp is embracing innovation to make our operations safer, more productive and to help reduce our impact on the environment. We partner with like-minded suppliers and organizations to find innovative solutions to some of the challenges our industry faces.

Goldcorp’s Cognitive Journey at Red Lake Wins Technology Award


Red Lake Gold Mines (RLGM) is at the forefront of the mining industry’s exciting digital transformation.

Since 2017, Goldcorp has been working with IBM to determine how the IBM Watson cognitive computing platform could improve the company’s mineral exploration program. RLGM is now pioneering the world’s first Exploration with Watson platform.

Red Lake Schools Discover the Earth at Close Range


At Goldcorp, we recognize that our stewardship of the environment is integral to our company’s long-term viability, and we are working on innovative ways for environmental management, always considering the present and future of water, energy and biodiversity. Learning about our environment and how climate change impacts the world around us is an important step in inspiring the next generation of environmental leaders.

Reducing Fresh Water Use at Red Lake Gold Mines


Goldcorp’s Towards Zero Water (H2Zero) Strategy targets dramatic reductions in our use of fresh water and increased water recycling rates at every one of our operations. An immediate goal is to reduce all forms of “high-calorie water” extraction which we define as the extraction of water not necessary due to dewatering or the inadvertent capture or precipitation by our existing facilities.

Developing Skills at Stope School


As part of our commitment to workplace diversity, Red Lake Gold Mines implemented the Stope School Program in 2007.

Zooming Toward Success: Goldcorp Closes Deal With Acoustic Zoom


We are proud to announce our US$1million investment in Acoustic Zoom, an advanced geophysics company specializing in innovative seismic solutions. Acoustic Zoom was awarded the top prize at #DisruptMining 2018, after placing as a semi-finalist in #DisruptMining 2017.


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