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Hernando Garbage Truck Crew Throws Epic Birthday Party for Boy, 6, with Autism

By Lila Gross

SPRING HILL, Fla. (WFLA) — A Spring Hill boy had a birthday party he’ll remember forever, thanks to a thoughtful crew of garbage collectors...

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Old Wheels Get a New Life: Republic Services & Meridian Volunteers Save and Restore Bikes Destined For Landfill to Give to Families in Need

New Volunteers Needed to Keep Program Going

In partnership with Republic Services of Boise, Ken Pierson-a local volunteer-has made a difference in the lives of dozens of Treasure Valley families by helping to repair and restore bicycles that have been diverted from the landfill to provide to families and children in need at the Boys and Girls Club and the Agency for New Americans.

Republic Services Drivers Honored by San Angelo Students

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Each month, fifth grade students at Potter's Hand Christian School in San Angelo, Texas choose to be a blessing to someone in the community or organize a mission project. This month, they chose to send care packages to Republic Services drivers, filled with goodies, handwritten notes and bibles for each driver. As a "thank you," the drivers paid a visit to the school, letting students sit inside the trucks and answering questions. 

Zappos Implements Clever Workplace Recycling Program


Did you know that at the headquarters in downtown Las Vegas, they have a clever office recycling program? They removed individual trash cans that were once placed at each of their 2,000 desks to improve recycling habits. Recycling bins are spread throughout the building, including in all open-office spaces and break-rooms on each floor. This effort has encouraged employees to properly sort waste at the recycling stations on each floor, which has successfully decreased waste and increased recycling efforts in the workplace. 

Republic Services: Renewable Energy


In many cases, landfills constitute a renewable energy source. By applying advances in technology, Republic Services harnesses energy from yesterday’s waste and converts it to meet tomorrow’s energy needs.

At Sunshine Canyon Landfill, near Los Angeles, CA, Republic introduced another renewable energy project. This 20-megawatt renewable energy project is capable of generating enough electricity to power nearly 25,000 area homes.

Republic Services: Communities


Serving Republic’s 14 million customers goes beyond handling their recycling and waste needs. Service is about being a Good Neighbor to the communities where we live, work and raise families. Whether Republic employees are volunteering or donating their time or resources, their willingness to give back is yet another way they make a difference in the community.

Republic Services: Organics


Organics represents another sustainable solution for an evolving waste stream. According to the EPA, food waste is the second largest category of municipal solid waste sent to the nation’s landfills, accounting for approximately 18% of the overall waste stream. Together with yard waste, organic materials represent nearly 30% of what Americans throw away each day. Diverting food and yard waste can help conserve limited landfill space for materials that must be landfilled, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the decomposition of organics within landfills.

Republic Services: Sustainable Facilities


Republic’s commitment to sustainable practices extends throughout their operations and into their facilities. When Republic builds new facilities, they adhere to the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards. This includes using sustainable materials to facilitate energy and water conservation, as well as design principles to enhance employee and guest comfort. With these standards at the forefront of their facility projects, Republic is making their working spaces more environmentally responsible and welcoming to all.

Republic Services: Recycling Capabilities


While a number of factors have affected the recycling model in the U.S. in recent years, the consumer demand for effortless, All-in-One™ or single-stream recycling programs has never been greater. Republic Services knows through market research that 9 out of 10 Americans want recycling services, and they are willing to pay for it. Republic is listening, and have been hard at work to grow their recycling capabilities in several markets across the country. Here are a few examples:

Republic Services: Safety is the Priority


Safety is the foundation of Republic Services’ business, and the cornerstone upon which the Company’s initiatives and programs are built. Day-in and day-out, Republic keeps safety top-of-mind, providing peace of mind to customers and employees alike.

Together for Safer Roads

As the operator of the 8th largest vocational fleet in the country, with an industry leading safety record, Republic Services has a direct effect on roadway safety each day. While their strong safety performance is significant in the communities they serve, they aspire for more.


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