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Peacocks, Vipers and Honey Bees Star in GM’s 2018 Wildlife Habitat Calendar


Nearly 300 photos of flora and fauna taken by General Motors employees around the globe were submitted for the company’s annual Wildlife Habitat Calendar contest. The program highlights the plants and animals that call GM’s industry-leading 71 Wildlife Habitat Council certified sites home.

This year’s winning photos are:

General Motors Corporate Responsibility Newsletter - March 2017



Chevrolet Bolt EV is 2017 MotorWeek Drivers’ Choice Award – Best Car of the Year
The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV won the Motor Week Driver’s Choice Best of the Year award, accepted by Chevrolet Cars and Crossovers Marketing Director, Steve Majoros. The Bolt EV was praised for its long range, styling and price. 
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Birds, Frogs and Turtles Call General Motors’ Wetlands Home


Wetlands rank right up there with rain forests and coral reefs when it comes to the world’s most productive ecosystems. In recognition of World Wetlands Day, several General Motors sites featuring or supporting wetlands share how they are working to increase biodiversity.

Top 15 GM Sustainability Stories of 2015


Each year we continue to make progress and chip away at our carbon footprint, reducing the environmental impact of our vehicles and operations while maximizing the positive impact we make in the communities where we live and work.

From electrifying vehicles and finding a second useful life for waste to protecting threatened species and engaging colleges in a vision for a clean energy future, we’ve had plenty of great stories to tell this year. Here are our 15 favorites from 2015.

Video: General Motors Environment 101

Watch and listen as members of our sustainability team explain the work we've done -- and the work we're doing -- to reduce our environmental impact.

We talk a lot about the environment on this blog. After all, it is a sustainability blog.

But sometimes words just don’t cut it. You, the reader, need a visual; something that stimulates your occipital lobe.

So we created a video that showcases the sustainability team you’ve come to know and love, and we added a few things to punch it up. We think after you watch it you’ll come away with a greater understanding of how we operate at GM.

General Motors Corporate Responsibility Newsletter - August 2014


General Motors Corporate Responsibility Newsletter

August 2014

GM Helps Veterans Shift Gears to Civilian Life

General Motors, the U.S. Army and Raytheon Company are teaming up to provide eligible transitioning Army soldiers with skills to become service technicians at GM dealerships after they return to civilian life.

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General Motors Corporate Responsibility Newsletter - May/June/July 2014



GM Outlines Efforts to Transform Transportation

Facing an automotive industry that is unsustainable in its current form, General Motors is restructuring its global vehicle portfolio, rethinking manufacturing and collaborating with unlikely partners to advance the industry. The company is working to transform transportation and describes its efforts in its latest sustainability report.

General Motors Corporate Responsibility Newsletter - April 2014


General Motors Corporate Responsibility Newsletter

April 2014

GM First LEED Gold Automotive Plant in South America

GM’s New York Plant Ready to Tackle the Next Storm


Many people who traveled past our Tonawanda, New York plant this past summer were wondering what, exactly, was taking shape on the front lawn.

A swimming pool? A fish pond?

None of the above: It’s a bio-retention area!

Put simply, this new area will channel rain to prevent it from running off into surrounding parking lots and eventually into the Niagara River bordering the plant.


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