Show Me the Impact: Responding to Marketplace Demand for Proof of Purpose


Do you know if your social impact commitments are delivering return? It's a critical question – one that many companies don't have the answer to.

Getting a Good Return on CSR Investment - CSR Minute for November 7, 2013

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A new study on reputation and corporate social responsibility by the Reputation Institute suggests that there’s a strong business case to be made for CSR. Seventy-three percent of consumers across the 15 largest markets in the world are willing to recommend companies that are perceived to be practicing CSR as part of their business strategy. The problem is, only five percent of companies are seen as delivering on those promises. Where’s the return on that CSR investment,asks Forbes Chief Insights Officer Bruce Rogers in a recent blog post.

SRI Follows ESG to ROI - CSR Minute for September 9, 2013

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Sustainable responsible investment is continuing to shift toward an ESG—environmental-social-governance—performance filter, moving on from more purist definitions of good, green companies. “ESG is one of the undiscovered opportunities in the market today,” says Steven Soranno, a senior equity analyst at Calvert Investments, in a recent New York Times report. Serrano should know.

New Frontiers in the ROI of Sustainability


Demonstrating the business case for investment in sustainability — whether in product innovation, supply chain improvements, operational efficiency, employee engagement, communications or an overarching, multi-pronged strategy — remains one of the biggest challenges for the private sector, even for companies that clearly understand the underlying issues. It is proving particularly difficult for change agents trying to get approval from executives within big, slow-moving corporations focused on short-term goals in a highly uncertain global economy.

Cynthia Figge to Speak at Sustainable Brands'13


Join us as at Paradise Point in San Diego, CA, June 3-6 where sustainability, brand and innovation professionals come together from around the world to explore how to build better brands for tomorrow.

Our Co-founder and COO Cynthia Figge will speak at the opening of the event on June 4. Cynthia will present “New Insights into the Correlation Between CSR and Brand Strength.” Cynthia will be making a special announcement you won’t want to miss!

We look forward to seeing CSRHub members at SB’13!

Upcoming Best Practice Network Webinar: Show Me the Value – Committing to Impact Measurement


Do your volunteer programs generate social and business value? Apollo Group and True Impact share how measuring employee volunteerism helps to prove – and improve – your impact on society, employees, and the company’s bottom line. Learn tips for how to leverage impact data to communicate with leadership and guide continuous program improvement.

Show Me the Value: Committing to Impact Measurement

Ask and You Shall Receive: mGive’s New Tools


By Cassie Bair

Here at mGive, we take great stock in what our clients say they wish they could do with mobile. It’s a common topic of conversation internally and a place of great debate as we determine our product activities and how to move forward. Today we are excited to announce two products that are officially available to clients, as well as let you know there are more on the way!



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