People: Safeway's Healthy Employees


Healthy Measures, our health incentives program, motivates employees to improve their overall health. We offer comprehensive resources to help them maintain healthy weights and blood glucose levels and lower their cholesterol. 

JumpStart is an online wellness program, available to all Safeway Companies employees and their extended family members. The program helps them track nutrition, fitness and overall health goals individually or as teams to encourage some friendly competition.

People: Military Leader Pays It Forward at Safeway


David Durbin created an employee Veteran’s Resource Group to promote the growth and development of Safeway’s veterans.

Products: Safeway's Brands


We want to make it easy for you to focus on health while leading a busy life — and the proof is right on our shelves. At your neighborhood Safeway, you’ll find a growing selection of foods and household items under brands we created with your health and the planet in mind.

Our brands can help you incorporate healthier options into your daily routine and minimize your impact on the environment. We use high-quality ingredients to make food that tastes great.

Products: Buying Local at Safeway


We aren’t the only ones who invest a lot of energy and care into the products that line our shelves. Our local farmer suppliers have long traditions of producing high-quality goods that shoppers can enjoy.

One such partner is California Cloverleaf Farms, one of the Burroughs family farms. Cloverleaf is one of many family-run California dairies providing certified organic milk for Safeway. Cloverleaf is committed to sustainable, organic family farming, and it has spent the past decade transitioning all of its land to organic.

Products: Safeway's Sustainable Seafood


As one of the country’s largest grocers, Safeway recognizes its responsibility to protect our natural resources. Protecting our oceans is critical for maintaining the availability of seafood for future generations and the health of our planet. We set a progressive, industry-leading goal for all our fresh and frozen seafood to be responsibly caught or farmed, or from sources making credible improvements, by the end of 2015.

Planet: Driving Sustainability Across Safeway's Fleet of Trucks


For Safeway Vice President of Transportation Tom Nartker, embedding sustainability into the company’s operations is more than a job. It’s a personal mission.

Tom is responsible for setting and meeting fuel-efficiency goals for Safeway’s fleet of trucks and ensuring that employees at our distribution centers understand how and why the company implements the efficiency strategies it does. Although Tom is proud of many initiatives from his more than 20 years at Safeway, a recent highlight for him was surpassing the Ton Miles Per Gallon (TMPG) target he set for the company.

Planet: Safeway's 1 Billion Bag Challenge


Reusable bags are an easy way you can make a lasting impact on the environment. By the end of 2015, our goal is to reduce the number of plastic and paper bags used by 1 billion. And we’re well on our way toward that goal today. You can help by switching to reusable bags when you shop.

Shoppers and retailers around the United States are growing more and more concerned about the negative impact of single-use bags — including Safeway. Did you know that consumers use more than 100 billion plastic shopping bags every year?

Planet: Safeway Strives to Protect the Environment

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We share one planet, and there are many ways — big and small — to help protect it. Safeway will always consider the environmental impact we have and new ways to minimize it. We encourage our employees, customers and suppliers to join us in doing the same.

Learn more about Safeway’s Planet initiatives. Join the Facebook and Twitter conversation by using the #HeartOfSafeway hashtag.

Community: The Safeway Foundation


Safeway is so much more than a place to buy groceries. We’re part of your neighborhood, and we believe in making each of our communities a better place to live and work. Healthy people are integral to healthy neighborhoods. Because of this, The Safeway Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life in the communities we serve.

Community: Volunteerism at Safeway


Our employees lead busy and active lives, but that hasn’t stopped them from giving more than 3 million hours of their time and energy since 2011. Our goal for 2014 is to give back another 1 million hours.


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