Weyerhaeuser Restoration Efforts Return Salmon Habitat

Salmon and Steelhead Return to Rivers and Tributaries of Coos Bay Watershed as a Result of Weyerhaeuser’s Restoration Efforts

Jason Richardson, a forestry engineer for Weyerhaeuser, is celebrating. Salmon and steelhead are returning to the rivers and tributaries of the Coos Bay watershed in southwest Oregon.

“I’m thrilled our efforts are paying off,” Richardson says. “I heard from Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife agents who reported their population projections for salmon moving up both the East Fork of the Millicoma River and the South Fork of the Coos River. They were super stoked about the numbers.”

Alaskan Salmon & Sodexo: A Long, Sustainable Partnership

Leader in Quality of Life Services has and continues to support Alaska's fishing industry

The issue surrounding MSC ceritification and the purchase of Alaska Salmon by major retailers and food service leaders continues to be hotly debated. In her recently published blog to clarify Sodexo's  position, vice president of sustainability and corporate social responsibility, Deborah Hecker writes:

At Sodexo, seafood sustainability is a top priority for each one of our 125,000 employees across North America.  


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