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We’ve Entered a New Chapter of Consumer Sustainability Expectations. Is Your Organization Poised to Deliver?


Current consumer sustainability expectations exert great influence on a company’s sustainability strategy. To stay ahead, a business needs to anticipate what’s coming next and be able to respond.

Our blog examines what the newest chapter in consumers’ changing, eco-focused mindsets means for your company or your role as a sustainability leader.

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Best Buy’s New Science-Based Target Helps Customers Reduce Energy Use in Their Homes

By: Daniel Hill

In a world where big-box retailers are falling to online giants, Best Buy has managed to thrive.

Earlier this week, Best Buy announced a Science-Based Target (SBT) to help consumers reduce their carbon emissions by 20 percent and save $5 billion on utility costs. In its own operations, Best Buy will reduce carbon emissions by 75 percent.

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