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Meet Amgen Scholars Alumni Bryan Peacker

"It was absolutely amazing to be able to speak with experienced researchers at the symposium about the science, and career paths in science. Attending the symposium helped confirmed my decision to pursue a career in academic medicine."

Orlando, Florida

Host University: National Institutes of Health

Home University: Harvard University

Amgen Scholar Year: 2016

Major: Human and Developmental Regenerative Biology

Expected Graduation: 2018

Journey to Science

How did you become interested in science?

Meet Amgen Scholars Alumni Elisa Paoluzzi Tomada

"The time I spent in Munich was invaluable. My time in the lab went by too quickly and I deeply enjoyed learning techniques and doing experiments."

Milan, Italy

Host University: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Home University: Humanitas University

Amgen Scholar Year: 2016

Major: Medicine and Surgery

Expected Graduation: 2019

Journey to Science

How did you become interested in science?

I have always been curious about human biology and have had a desire to help others. This has motivated me to study human diseases and to pursue a career in which I could help others through medicine and scientific research.

Meet Amgen Scholars Alumni Danielle Spitzer

"When you’re in the lab, you get to generate new knowledge. There’s an answer out there somewhere, but no one knows it yet.”

Host University: Columbia University

Home University: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Amgen Scholar Year: 2016

Major: Biology and Women’s Studies

Expected Graduation: 2017


Journey to Science

How did you become interested in science?

Meet Amgen Scholars Alumni Assama Ketegou

"I felt a sense of community among my peers in the Amgen Scholars Program. Everyone was in the same boat, trying to figure out what they wanted to do for careers."

Host University: Washington University in St. Louis

Home University: New York University

Amgen Scholar Year: 2016

Major: Pre-medicine

Expected Graduation:2017

Journey to Science

How did you become interested in science?

Ten to Watch: Suan Tuang


‎M.D./Ph.D. Candidate at the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology Program

Education: MIT, Harvard

2012 Amgen Scholar 

Ten to Watch: Trisha Stan, Ph.D.

“We do science for the betterment of society, but too many misunderstandings exist between scientists and the populations we strive to serve. I hope to build bridges of communication and understanding between scientists and the public.”

Ten to Watch: Lela Okromelidze

Lela Okromelidze grew up in the Eurasian country of Georgia, which after years of fighting following the fall of the Soviet Union, didn’t always provide the educational opportunities of many other countries. Having to occasionally attend school without heat or electricity, Lela, with the help of her mother, defied the odds and is now a fifth year medical student at Tbilisi State Medical University. Upon graduation, it is her goal to become resident physician at a leading medical institution in the U.S.

Ten to Watch: Espoir Kyubwa, Ph.D.


M.D. Candidate, Medical Scientist Training Program at UC San Diego
Education: UC San Diego
2007 Amgen Scholar 

New ‘Ten to Watch’ List Highlights Top Amgen Scholars Poised to Impact the Future of Science and Medicine

Scientists From Premier Educational and Research Institutions Reveal What the Future may Look Like
Press Release

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif., November 14, 2016 /3BL Media/ – In recognition of the Amgen Scholars Program’s 10th anniversary, the Amgen Foundation announced the Ten To Watch, a list highlighting the best and brightest up-and-comers in science and medicine. Selected from more than 3,000 Amgen Scholars alumni, who represent 700 colleges and universities across 42 countries, the Ten To Watch is a diverse group of students that has the potential to help define the future of science.

10 Years in, Amgen Scholars Program Continues its Commitment to Student Scientists


This summer marks the tenth anniversary of the Amgen Scholars Program, which aims to provide young scientists access to cutting-edge research experiences and biotech industry exposure. The program is hosted by 17 premier institutions in the U.S., Europe and Japan, with more than 3,100 students participating to date. Just this year alone, over 350 talented undergraduates spent their summer conducting hands-on research under leading academic scientists through the program.


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