Enactus Students Spread Entrepreneurship With Chicks

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Fledglings or future earnings, what do you see?

An Enactus team in Azerbaijan saw a way to make refugees self-sufficient. They provided 10 families with 200 chicks. Exposure to entrepreneurship extended to neighbors and relatives, infusing the community with new skills. Each family in the program ended up earning $640 in net profit.

Enactus Students Recycle Tires Into Household Items

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Worn out or factory fresh, what do you see?

Of the 40 million tires Mexico discards annually, only 2% are recycled. One Mexican Enactus team saw a way to recycle these discarded tires into over 100 different household items, like rugs and flowerpots.

Enactus Students Upcycle Banners to Help Artisans

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Andrew Cranston presents:  Banners of Progress

The Global Chief Operating Officer of KPMG International, Andrew Cranston, shares how Enactus students in Mexico solve waste while employing struggling artisans. The students empowered the artisans to make fashionable accessories with discarded vinyl banners that are usually thrown away.

Enactus Students Create Fuel From Waste

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Refuse or fuel, what do you see?

An Enactus team in Zimbabwe saw a way to melt plastic and create diesel fuel as a byproduct. So far, 12 women have worked to convert over 3 tons of waste. Just 35 kg of plastic translates to 24 liters of liquid fuel and 7 kg of wax. Find out more about Enactus and this innovative solution at http://enactus.org/seeopportunity/project-gallery/project/refuse-fuel-see/.

Relics or Relevance, What do You See?

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Relics or relevance, what do you see?

An Enactus team from India saw a way to revitalize a folk craft by modernizing the messages and finding new audiences for traditional puppetry. They increased revenue for the puppeteers and helped preserve their culture. What became of the folk craft? Find out at here.


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Clippings or Capital, What do You See?

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Clippings or capital, what do you see?

An Egyptian Enactus team saw a way to turn cottonwood, a byproduct of Egypt’s thriving cotton industry that’s normally discarded, into potpourri. The students teach at-risk women how to make and market the potpourri, giving them the security of a sustainable livelihood. How much income does each family make per month? Find out at:  http://enactus.org/seeopportunity/project-gallery/project/cotton/.


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Castaways or Commodities, What do You See?

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Castaways or commodities, what do you see?

An Enactus team in France saw a way to teach people with social and professional difficulties to collect and refurbish household appliances to sell, giving them finances for today and skills for future employment. How many people have been introduced to the importance of recycling? Find out here.


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Cultivating Opportunity: Growing Mushrooms

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Denise Morrison, President and CEO of Campbell’s Soup Company shares how Enactus students in China are transforming coffee grounds into fertile grounds. To learn more visit: http://enactus.org/seeopportunity/


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Hope Springs Eternal: Spring Back Recycling


“Two community problems addressed with a simple, yet brilliant idea.”

–Doug McMillon, CEO and President of Wal-mart Stores Inc., speaking about the Enactus Belmont University team in this video about the Spring Back Recycling Project, a mattress recycling program that provides employment opportunities for those in need.


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