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Illumina Celebrates Rare Disease Day

Recognizing and supporting rare disease organizations and families around the world
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On February 28th, and everyday, Illumina recognizes Rare Disease Day 2022. Throughout the entire month of February, we highlighted various organizations that support and advocate for patients and families impacted by rare genetic disorders.

Growing Grassroots Support for the Rare Disease Community in Romania

NoRo pilots the country’s first and only patient-run reference center for rare diseases

In 2007, Dorica Dan, the mother of a child with the rare disease Prader Willi Syndrome, envisioned the first and only patient-run reference center for rare diseases in Europe. It would help patients and families with the decisions and therapies that are needed after receiving their diagnosis.

Illuminating Rare Disease: Get to Know SLC6A1 Connect

US-based patient families describe their diagnostic journey and living with a rare neurological condition

Ahead of Rare Disease Day, Illumina is recognizing four rare disease patient organizations around the world. SLC6A1 Connect is the first in our series this month.

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