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Love Your Clothes Longer

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As a result of many factors, we are consuming more clothing than at any time in human history, over 100 billion garments annually. Compared to 15 years ago, consumers buy three times more garments every year and keep them half as long. The environmental impacts of this are major, but not beyond our control. Studies show that just by keeping our clothes an extra nine months, we can reduce our carbon, water and waste footprint between 20% and 30%.

Top 7 Sustainability Challenges in 2016


Each year, the Network for Business Sustainability (NBS) outlines annual Sustainability Challenges based from a group of select business leaders. This year's report, Business Challenges for Sustainability, synthesizes the top seven sustainability issues facing business in 2016.

This year also marks the report's 10th anniversary. It’s time to reflect: how should we advance business sustainability? 

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