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Ever Wondered Where Your 'Add Hope R2' at KFC Go To?

by Sowetan LIVE

Today is World Hunger Day and another year passes, the plight of the hungry still hangs heavily on the world, and this country – but where there are dark clouds there are silver linings.

Since 1990, South Africa’s undernourishment score has been maintained at less than five percent of the total population bringing down the numbers of those going hungry over the past 20 years, according to the Food and Agricultural Organisation. Although positive, the number of children still going hungry is concerning.

AMWAY SOUTH AFRICA: Tutudesk Campaign Aims to Deliver 20 Million Desks by 2020

Portable desks are called Tutudesks in honor of Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Travel with Amway to South Africa

Late last year, Amway introduced you to the Tutudesk Foundation, which provides innovative desk solutions for schools in South Africa.

We just released a video that takes you on a journey to a small school in Queenstown, where children are learning about their value through a simple – but effective - gift.

Boeing, South African Airways Support Farmers to Grow Sustainable Biofuel Crops


(3BL Media/Justmeans) - Poverty and hunger in South Africa are inextricably linked to the plight of smallholder farmers, who produce most of the continent’s food, but struggle with unproductive soil, unreliable water supplies, low-quality seeds, and scarce markets for their crops. The country is often described as a country of dualities, with first-world and third-world scenarios occurring side-by-side and agriculture is no different, with both commercial farming on a grand scale and smallholder and subsistence farming co-existing.

South Africa – you’ve been nominated to #ChangeOneThing


Joining the movement to turn social media game #NekNomination into a good thing, KFC South Africa has donated R25,000 to Add Hope; and has nominated all South Africans to take part too. 

KFC’s MD Doug Smart said KFC is “nominating you all to #ChangeOneThing by adding hope in-store or online at” In other words, please add your own donations of R2 or more to Add Hope. You can do this at your nearest KFC store if you’re in South Africa, or online.

American CEO Helps 'Boys and Girls Clubs' Around the World

Fox News Interview of Rick Goings
Multimedia with summary

CEO of Tupperware, Rick Goings, interview with Fox News about his philanthropy with Boys & Girls Clubs....

Watch Rick Goings' interview here..


The Fastest Growing Renewable Energy Market in the World?- Energy Minute for January 9, 2014

Press Release

January 9, 2013 /3BL Media/ - South Africa may not be the country that comes first to mind when reviewing the global growth of renewable energy. However, recent data suggests that it’s on track to become one of the fastest growing renewable energy markets in the world. In 2012, renewable sources made up less than one percent of South Africa’s energy mix.

KFC’s ‘Add Hope’ Raises Millions

by TMO Reporter

South Africans have come together behind KFC’s 2013 Add Hope campaign, helping the brand’s efforts to tackle high levels of hunger among the country’s children. A total of R3.7 million was raised by customers during October’s World Hunger Month. [...] KFC franchisee’s also contribute to Add Hope, with this year’s contribution totaling R23 million which will be added to the customer donations, reaching a cumulative total of R46 million for 2013. Read more...

YOUR MARK ON THE WORLD CENTER: Amway One by One: Losing Control

We were no longer in control... but were we supposed to be?

Guest post from Jesse Hertstein of Amway compliments to Your Mark on the World Center, founded by Devon Thorpe

We were no longer in control … but were we supposed to be?

I often travel for work, and this year all of my travel was crammed into a few weeks. First, I found myself in Russia to participate in the launch of a new charitable foundation. Next was a whirlwind trip to South Africa, where we documented an education program supported by Europeans.

Holistic Approach of SAP Urban Matters Program Delivers Sustainability Results for Cape Town

Press Release

November 14, 2013 /3BL Media/ - SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) today highlighted its holistic approach to urban sustainability during an SAP® Urban Matters initiative event in Cape Town, South Africa. More than a decade after its first implementation, the City of Cape Town’s deployment of SAP software demonstrates that sustainability efforts extend beyond environmental concerns and are rooted in good governance.

Mars Soupa Kitchen


ROYCO® has joined with Shoprite Mobile Soup Kitchen, a partnership with Shoprite grocery stores in South Africa that provides food for up to 500 people in 10 cities in the country Read more


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