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Who Says Materiality Can't Be Fun?

How Interns Informed FCA’s Materiality Diagram

Each year at FCA, we put on our creative hats to explore what matters most to the Company, to our stakeholders and to the world in general. This analysis of “materiality” takes many forms: we conduct an online global survey; we benchmark automotive competitors and leading firms from other sectors; we evaluate input from key stakeholders with whom our employees work on a regular basis; we look at global trends and risks.

The Risk That Rules Us All: 5 Times Frodo Baggins Illuminated the Daily EHS Struggle


Are you a Hobbit of the  environment, health, and safety profession? Are you the Risk-Bearer—defending your employees and organization against doom and evil incidents?

Antea Group’s blog draws five comparisons between your EHS burden and the burden of Frodo. Learn these lessons here!

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How to Create a More Sustainable (and Resilient) Supply Chain: 4 Steps to Take & Missteps to Avoid


Increasing competition, consumer demands for transparency, sustainability challenges – companies face acute pressure to drive business growth in today’s landscape.

But the good news? Your supply chain is ripe with opportunity to tackle these challenges while creating business value. How? Find out by reading Antea Group’s blog.  

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Odd Bedfellows Descend on Dallas

An Earth Day gathering challenges leaders to find common ground.

Our nation and our world are facing profound challenges—but often the only thing we see in the media is bad news piled upon worse, against a backdrop of people screaming at each other. Republicans versus Democrats. Activists versus corporations. Even millennials versus boomers! We desperately need broadly supported solutions to climate change, the plastic junk clogging our oceans, and deforestation, but our beloved nation remains more bitterly divided than at any point in its history since the Civil War.

Why Materiality Matters More Than Ever in Sustainability Reporting


Stakeholders and third-party reporting institutions now demand higher levels of detail and transparency from our organizations. Consequently, corporate sustainability disclosure and reporting has become more mainstream and ingrained within business operations, as well as more complex and time-intensive.

10 Reasons “Good Enough” Won’t Be Good Enough for Brands in 2018

Latest report reveals how global businesses can—and must—take the lead on environmental and social issues.
Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO, March 15, 2018 /3BL Media/ — A revealing new report shows the future of sustainability is now in the hands of worldwide brands, their consumers, and the NGOs holding them accountable.

WATCH: Catherine Gunsbury, General Mills, Director of Sustainability and Transparency

Multimedia with summary

Catherine Gunsbury, director of sustainability and transparency at General Mills, discusses the value of stakeholder engagement.

Practitioner Spotlight - Peter Penning


Antea Group spotlights Peter Penning, its Water Stewardship Solution Leader, who is based in Europe and whose career spans continents. Peter is enthusiastic and hopeful about the future of water sustainability: “It’s the one sustainability challenge I believe can be tackled in my lifetime.”

CLP Shares Sustainability Reporting Insights in WBCSD’s Reporting Matters


The CLP Group shares its Asia Pacific perspective and approach to monitoring key trends for sustainability in the latest edition of Reporting matters.

In the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s (WBCSD) annual review of member company sustainability reports, CLP highlighted the importance of tracking the trends that are changing the business landscape and the need for incorporating the trends into a company’s strategy to maintain a sustainable business.

Strange Bedfellows Find Common Ground

Earth Day 50 Challenge Summit Yields “To-Do List” for Corporate America
Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO and DALLAS, October 4, 2017 /3BL Media/ - There may be hope for America after all.


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