AT&T Hardwires Sustainability into its Supply Chain

AT&T's Sustainability Scorecard is the primary tool the company uses to drive accountability with its strategic suppliers.

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By: Chris Tsai, executive director big data, M2M at AT&T

A Conversation with GM’s Supplier Environmental Excellence Winner


General Motors works with many suppliers and partners that demonstrate efficiencies and seek out innovative ways to incorporate recycling into daily business. Our relationship with GDC, Inc., a tier one component supplier, is a good example.

Scoring Suppliers on Sustainability


At Cisco, we rely on more than 600 suppliers worldwide to manufacture, test, ship, and recycle the products we design. And, we expect these suppliers to meet the same high standards on ethics, labor rights, health and safety, and the environment that we apply to our people and operations.

So how do we manage that task over such a large network of suppliers?

Sustainability: No Secret Sauce


It's no secret most companies prefer to keep their proprietary tools and processes under wraps for competitive reasons. Yet in the age of transparency, companies have become more willing to open their doors to inspection. One company has taken this a step further by allowing anyone – even its competitors – to view an essential aspect of its supplier assessment process, all in the name of sustainability.


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