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SASB Standards Meant to See Beyond Financials


Ivestors are starting to demand more information from companies beyond financial details to better understand their ability to sustain success over the long term, emboldening the upstart Sustainability Accounting Standards Board to develop rules that would achieve just that.

Identifying the Value of Sustainability Through Integrated Reporting


According to an April 2013 report by the Investor Responsibility Research Institute, only seven companies on the S&P 500 Index currently publish an integrated report, or one that quantifies sustainability programs in terms of bottom line impact.

EU Passes Historic Law Requiring Large Companies to Report on Sustainability

by Vikas Vij

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – The European Parliament has passed a historic law that makes it mandatory for the largest companies in Europe to include sustainability factors as an integral part of their annual financial reporting. The law, which was passed with a thumping majority vote of 599-55, will apply to publicly traded companies employing more than 500 workers.

Measurabl Launches Commercial Reporting Tool for GRESB

Press Release

San Diego, Calif., April 1, 2014 /3BL Media/ - Measurabl, a San Diego-based software startup for sustainability reporting, has launched its reporting solution for the annual Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) Survey. The company’s product for GRESB has been in extensive industry pilots for the last year.

GRESB, Explained


If you’ve been following Measurabl, or the world of sustainability reporting at-large, you’ve probably come across the mysterious acronym “GRESB”. Unless you’re immersed in the world of commercial real estate, chances are you read it as just another piece of forgettable jargon. But don’t dismiss it so quickly! GRESB - the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark - is one of the many emerging organizations issuing standards for “how thou shalt disclose” on your organization’s sustainability performance.

Enablon & Wizness Take Sustainability Management to Next Level with New GRI G4 Certification

Press Release

Chicago/Paris, March 20, 2014 /3BL Media/ - Enablon, the world's leading provider of Sustainability Management software, today announced the certification of the G4 Guidelines’ content in its Sustainability Management Platform by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The Enablon platform now integrates with Wizness for publishing interactive Sustainability Reports online. Together, Enablon & Wizness offer the first comprehensive service for end-to-end sustainability management, from data collection & monitoring to online publication and stakeholders engagement.

Sustainability Reporting: Ceres Catalyzes a Worldwide Movement


Google 'sustainability report' and you’ll come up with a quarter of a billion results, with major corporations like GM, Caterpillar, Coca Cola, Ford and Shell topping the list with links to glossy reports detailing their environmental and social performance and strategy. Corporate sustainability reporting is standard practice, with recent research showing that 93 percent of the world’s top 250 companies now report.

Join Cynthia Figge at the Sustainable Business Oriented CSR Awards & Summit 2014 Event


Our co-founder Cynthia Figge has been invited to speak in Shanghai at the 2nd Annual Sustainable Business Oriented CSR Awards & Summit 2014 (SBC 2014). Hundreds of top CSR professionals from Asia (and the rest of the world) will convene in China on April 21-24, 2014, and hear Cynthia’s take on how “big data” will affect sustainability reporting.


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