Sustainable Brands New Metrics ’14

New Numbers Show Increased Profits from ESG, Climate Action, and Sustainability Communications - The Minute

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The bottom line is getting a boost these days from increased profits driven by a number of sustainability factors. A recent study by New Amsterdam Partners finds that stocks with higher ESG ratings deliver superior returns and lower price volatility. New Amsterdam used the Thomson Reuters Corporate Responsibility Ratings, developed with S-Network, to conduct several tests. One example compared 100 randomly selected and equally weighted 40-stock portfolios with an identically created set, except that the lowest 10 percent of ESG companies were removed in the second set.

Sustainable Brands New Metrics ’14 Conference Counts the Ways - The Minute

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Sustainable Brands New Metrics ’14, a conference held last week in Boston, was a data wonk’s delight. Just how deep a dive into the world of metrics the conference offered was clear in the terms used in some of the presentation titles.

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