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Erb Institute | Business for Sustainability - Why You Need Both a Picture and a Thousand Words


To be heard in many public debates, you may need more than the proverbial picture that’s worth a thousand words—you may need both a picture and a thousand words.

Language choice
Labels and metaphors are powerful. Well-chosen ones evoke positive imagery, emotions and values, while poorly chosen ones can be disastrous. For example, “global warming” is a much more divisive term than “climate change.”

As Long as Climate Change Does Not Touch the Rich, Nothing Will Change, Says Andrew J. Hoffman


Should we focus on persuading the deniers...?
Without any thoughts I will tell you that on the table. Do not waste time with people who have already formed their opinion and are unwilling to withdraw from their position. We should concentrate on those people who are not sure, but willing to listen to your views.

Corporate Sustainability Insights from Erb Institute | Business for Sustainability's Strategic Advisory Member, Neil Hawkins


“It’s extremely important to have a few goals that will lead a company to have a truly positive impact, but also to stick to those goals and align everyone around them,” he says. “These are hugely important for culture, identity, recruiting and retention. They need to be simple and easy to understand, helping the company to stay focused… It’s about constancy of purpose; you want to instill this into the culture.” It starts on the inside, and without engrained commitment, alignment and clarity (Purpose), Performance and Participation will be lacking.

Erb Institute | Business for Sustainability Experts in the News - Thomas P. Lyon 'A Test for Corporate Sustainability Leadership'

Which companies will advocate for more sensible public policy?

Private Sector Opportunity to Lead

Many companies have stepped up, joining campaigns such as the We Are Still In movement. With over 2,300 members (more than 900 of them from the business sector) and $6.2 trillion of economic might, We Are Still In is the broadest cross-section of the US economy ever assembled in support of climate action.

Which Companies will Walk the Talk?

Erb Institute | Business for Sustainability Director Joe Arvai - What is (and, is not) an Energy Strategy?


When most people talk about energy strategies, they’re actually not talking about strategy at all.  Oftentimes, narratives are about what companies and policy makers could or should be doing when it comes to energy transitions are framed as “strategy”.  For example, I’ve heard people say that putting a price on carbon, or the need to transition to an electrified economy that does not depend upon fossil fuels, is an “energy strategy.”

Erb Institute | Business for Sustainability Director, Joe Arvai - Big Data Will Not Save Us


The rise of what is broadly called “big data” has given new impetus to those who believe that more and better information will solve our decision-making troubles.

What Makes a Strong Leader in Sustainability?

Staff writer Allison Burtka breaks down the Sustainability Leaders report.

Work in sustainability entails immense challenges, and much of the area is uncharted. To navigate it, strong leadership is essential.

Supporting Young People is Key to Sustainable Business

Paul Bulcke, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Nestlé

At the UN General Assembly in New York this week, an important topic is how business can contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We at Nestlé believe that supporting young people is not only core to the SDGs, but is also core to achieving business goals in this fast-changing world.

The State of Sustainable Business in 2017: Results from the Ninth Annual BSR/GlobeScan Survey


By Laura Gitman, Senior Vice President, BSR

Just how much change can happen in one year? The past 12 months have been incredibly volatile, with political, economic, technological, social, and environmental disruptions creating both challenges and opportunities for companies. BSR and GlobeScan’s State of Sustainable Business Survey 2017—our ninth annual survey of BSR members—explores what these changes mean for sustainable business.


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